Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet Dora - Needle felted bird and a watersnake!

We went to Berkley Springs yesterday in WV. Hadn't been back there since before we moved to Australia. Not sure if it was the smartest thing to do ... going to bath in 102 degree water! ... we just about melted hanging out in the roman baths but we did feel really clean after wards. My Belgian visitors really enjoyed it since they've never done anything like this. When we were done with the baths we took a stroll through town and walking along the stream they spotted a watersnake! They took some pictures (have to download them so I can't show you a picture yet) and were pretty amazed to see a snake in town. Only 2 more days and they will be flying back to Belgium. I'll miss having my best friend around, that's for sure!

I had started this little bird a couple of weeks ago and finally finished it. She will be at the market today. These birds are so much fun to needle felt, I guess because they are so many different kinds of birds anything goes really. I make some to kinda match what the real bird would look like but it's also fun to just make up one of my own and still have them look like a bird.


  1. Ohh soo cute! Dora! Hi from Indonesia!


  2. Cute bird!!!! I look forward to seeing a photo of the watersnake since I have never seen one before!