Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby hedgehog in a basket

I love making these little hedgehogs.  They are so much fun.   Wasn't sure on what to do with this one ... turning it into just a pincushion or not?  I then remembered I had purchased some small baskets a while back that he possibly could fit in and voila ... he did.  Or she did ... I guess you can take your pick, he or she ... doesn't matter it's still a cutie.  Now just putting him in only the basket just didn't look right, he needed something else so I crocheted a lining for the basket which can be easily removed and used as a little pouch to put him in and you could close it off with pulling on the ribbon.  You could also replace the ribbon with another colored ribbon if you want to use this in a nursery and match the decor.  It would be cute as a decoration and then later when baby gets older he or she can play with it.  It's certainly a OOAK item either for a child, a child's room or somebody who sews like a seamstress, a quilter or anybody who enjoys a little critter companion!   He/she is up in my BitsOfFiber shop so click on this link to get more info on him/her.


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