Monday, November 16, 2009

More Christmas stuff for the Christmas Market and Etsy Shop!

The pixie/Christmassy hat I knitted with an acrylic yarn so it can be tossed in the washing machine and the dryer.

The little owl I needle felted with sheep's fleece and Alpaca fleece. They are both in my Etsy Shop so check it out if you like to see more pictures of the hat and the Owl.

I'm bummed ... yesterday I cut one of my fingers at work with the exacto knife. It's pretty deep and hurts when I bump into things. We wrapped it up pretty good and used a butterfly tape on it so I didn't need to get stitches. It's so darn inconvenient especially since I'm trying to make all these things for the coming markets. At least it's on my left hand, it could have been worse if it had been my right one. I can still knit ... although a heck of a lot slower then normal and the fuzz of the yarn gets stuck on the tape! I can felt, halelujah! Only thing I totally can not do right now is crochet, maybe in a couple of days when I can put a regular bandage on it I can manage. Anyway, typing is alright except when I have to type certain letters since it's my pointing finger that's got the booboo. Alright enough feeling sorry for myself ... my finger is starting to hurt so I'll stop for now.


  1. Oh you pour girl. En net nu je zoveel werk hebt voor de kerstvoorbereidingen. Je kunt nu niet anders dan het kalm aan doen.
    Sterkte ermee.