Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A couple more treasuries and waiting for the fireflies

I love the fireflies here in Virginia so River (our dog) and I are patiently awaiting them to show up. See River loves to chase them and eats them. I don't chase nor eat them I just like to watch them. When they show up I know summer is really here and even though it's been hot this past week I haven't seen one yet but I have a feeling tonight might be it so both River and I will be on the look out.

Now back to work ... here come more treasuries. This first one named was made by from the We Knit Hats Team featuring .... no ... not one of my hats but my mixed media baby decor. Just like she says all of us on that team don't just make hats we make other items as well so be sure to check out all these shops and what they have to offer. Make sure you visit the Curator's shop where you can find some unique looking hats and beanies. This is their announcement: "Sustainably farmed, ethically created, hand made woolen goods from coastal Maine that keep you warm and cozy on the chilliest of days. One of kind variations of brilliantly hand colored yarn, hand felted and knit."

Next is the treasury named "Eclectica" by featuring my crocheted critter onion for your little pet or it can be used as a toy. In the curator shop you will find some beautiful photos and this is the shop announcement: "Welcome to Photo Coruja! My shop is brand new and I offering a 30% discount to my first 5 customers on Etsy using code NEWSHOP30. Thanks for visiting!!"

Next one is named "Sew Cute Pincushions" by and it's one of my favorite treasuries! As you can guess from the tittle it's all about pincushions ... BUT not just the ordinary ones so make sure to check them all out including mine (please) which is the needle felted fairytale one. These are some amazing pieces of art, not just the plain old pincushions! Now the curator of this treasury has the cutest shop ever! I especially love her little model named Sophie. In her shop you will find the most adorable doggie outfits you've ever seen so make sure you visit her shop. Even if you don't own a dog it's worth looking at. Little Sophie (the dog) even smiles when she models, so darn cute. She also has a website you can visit for lots more info so be sure to check that out at

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