Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wow - cool moth! Eacles Imperialis anyone?

So, these last couple of days I've had little friends visiting me just about every time I've gone outside at work to spray paint my advertising boards I make for a living. Yesterday, I almost stepped on a huge moth that was sitting on the sidewalk. I felt bad for it sitting on the hot cement so I moved it. Then today, almost in the exact same spot there it was again ... except it wasn't back, this was the same kind of moth but a different one. I noticed the markings on this one were different from the one I saw yesterday. So, I moved this big fellow as well except I did take some pictures of it and decided to look him up when I got home. At first I thought it was a leaf moth but the correct name for this one is Eacles Imperialis or in plain English, an Imperial Moth. You can read all about it here: I'm not sure if this is a male or a female moth. I've submitted my photos and question to that website and I'm awaiting a reply to get my answer. I've always liked looking at moths, especially pretty and/or unusual ones like this one. I do not like having them in the house but that's because I'm worried about them getting into all of my wool items!

Thanks for visiting my site and having a look at a pretty moth. If you want to know more about them click on that site I mentioned above.

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