Thursday, December 27, 2012

More mice, an amigurumi owl and a pair of knitted red baby booties

We decided to add some more plaid mice to the MauveMoose shop of my daughter.  Then I totally forgot about this little amigurumi owl I had made when I was in Belgium visiting my mom earlier this year.  So you can now find him in my BitsOfFiber shop where he is for sale.  Also added a pair of red baby booties perfect for this season since they have snowflakes on them.

The patterns listed here below by Leisure Arts - More Cute Little Animals to Crochet are darling!  I have this book and will definitely make a couple of these.  Now you must know when I crochet (or knit, sew or whatever craft I'm doing) I hate following a set pattern so I usually end up changing things as I go along making something.  Of course the bad part about that is since I hardly ever write down what I change I always end up with some real one-of-a-kind items!  I have pushed myself to write things down especially when I'm making baby booties since I need to make two that need to be exactly the same size.  

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