Friday, March 12, 2010

Swamp Poodle loooooooves the rain ...

and the mud and everything else that comes along with lots and lots of rain. It's been so nice having the clean white snow in the back yard and it not melting in a hurry was wonderful ... all I could think about was having to spend lots of time wiping River's (that's our dog) feet every time he would go outside and wanting to come back in. Anyway, all the nice white snow is now gone ... bummer ... and instead we have lots of puddles and what looks like the beginning of a river going through our back yard! I must say he's picked up very quickly on the fact he has to park himself on the big old towel I have laying by the back door when I let him in. He's actually started to lift up his feet for me to wipe, good dog he is. Now if I could only get him to actually wipe his own feet my life would get so much easier!!


  1. I can imagine River playing with Venus. She wipes her own feet but then, she's a cat.
    I'm sure she would prefer River over a crocodile.
    Enjoy this evening!

  2. when we moved in to our home it was fresh from the construction lots of dirt and mud. We also wiped all four paws everytime Katie came in to the house. Over the years she also would come in and stop and lift each of her paws for us to became automatic.