Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More treasuries to share!

It's been crazy this past week ... trying to get everything made that I want to take to Belgium next month. I made something very special for my parents but I don't want to share it yet as my mom has figured out how to get onto my website and I don't want to spoil the surprise! I will share pictures when I get back so be patient.

I have about 9 treasuries to share with you today! Again, many thanks from me to all the curators of these treasuries whom choose to feature one of my items amongst many other beautiful things from other Etsians. Here we go ...

This one is called "Don't let it get to your head" by featuring my lavender flower hair clips. In her shop you will find Antique, Vintage, Collectibles, Handmade at the Jersey Shore. She's having a SPRING sale 10% off everything in the store until April 1st! HURRY ON OVER TO VISIT HER SHOP! The treasury is full of beautiful flower hair clips, brooches etc. perfect for spring and summer. Clicking on each flower item will take you to the shop who's selling that item so make sure you visit as many as you can.

Next is "Easter is on its way" by featuring my needle felted bunny. In the curator's shop you will find beautiful paper mache characters, a must visit.

Next is "April Love" by featuring my needle felted earrings, perfect to wear for Easter as they look like easter eggs! The curator shop sells beautiful necklaces, scarves and bags.

Next one is "All Mixed up" by featuring my nuno felted scarf. The curator shop sells a collection of handcrafted glass lampwork beads, fabric flowers, unique bottle cap item and fun & funky jewelry items.

Next is "Creatures" by featuring my needle felted baby seal. Worn 2 Perfection brings you the best of vintage directly to you! If you're looking for something special have a look at her shop. The treasury features an amazing array of beautiful handcrafted "creatures". Make sure you click on each one to have a closer look at the item as well as that person's shop where you will find more amazing "creatures" and more!

Next up is "Spring in to Easter" by featuring my wool felted and embroidered basket, perfect for Easter! In the curator shop you will find floral decor and decorative soaps. The treasury has lots of cute Easter items so get going, click away to find more treasures in all the shops represented.

Next is "Bunnies ... oh so soft and cuddly" by featuring my needle felted bunny together with lots and lots of other bunnies. In the curator shop you will find beautiful handcrafted jewelry so hop on over and have a look at Missie's shop as well as all the shops in the treasury featuring all those lovely bunnies.

Next one is "It is What It Is" by featuring my needle felted birdie with lots of other great finds. The curator shop sells ... just like the title says ... a hodge podge of vintage stuff so go browse around, I'm sure you'll find something you can't live without!

Last one for today is "Flora Fauna Birds and Beads" by featuring my needle felted duck named Duckie! The curator sells beautiful, original one-of-a-kind mehndi (henna) inspired art for your home. Each hand-painted canvas showcases intricate designs with modern colors and flair.

That's it for today everybody. Hope you enjoyed looking at all the beautiful items featured in all these treasuries as well as visiting all the shop's of the Etsy folks whom put together all these gorgeous treasuries. Come back soon.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Granny squares and Easter love

I finally got my act together and finished this blanket. It makes for a great baby blanket or would also work for a person in a wheel chair. The colors I used are not the typical baby colors so you could really use it anywhere in the house or on a porch. I hadn't made granny squares in a long time but when I looked at my basket of yarns I noticed how pretty those colors looked together. I just listed it in my baby shop so go visit my shop for more pictures and info on this blanket.

I've been thinking about Easter and therefor put together another treasury with lots of Easter related items. I have some more treasuries to share with you tomorrow but this is it for now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Featured in so many!

I want to thank all the Etsy artists who have featured any (and many!) of my items in their lovely treasuries. If I ever miss featuring your treasury please e-mail me and I'll make sure I post it. I have two stores on Etsy, one called Bits Of Fiber and the other one Purple Platypus so it gets to be kinda crazy sometimes trying to keep track of all the treasuries my items get in. So here I go ... today I will feature the last 6 treasuries items of my Bits Of Fiber shop have been listed in.

The first one is called "For the wee ones" by featuring my lavender and pastel yellow baby dress. The curator's shop you'll find unique, not so ordinary, quirky things created mostly from Eco-Fi felt (100% vegan & recycled material), fleece and cotton fabric. She loves making plushes, pins, toys, buttons housewares, phone/mP3 cases & everyday life accessories composed of vivacious colors. All of her items are hand sewn. So make sure you go and have a look.

Next is "One of a kind handmade treasures" by In the curator's shop everything is made from recycled, repurposed donated materials. You'll find lots of jewelry, hair accessories, pins, boxes, bags and lots more. Find out for yourself by visiting her cool shop. The treasury features my felt aqua baby shoes with lots of other unique green items.

Next is "Bright & fun spring blues" by featuring my blue mohair baby hat. In the curator's shop you will find beautiful, original one-of-a-kind mehndi (henna) inspired art for your home. Each hand-painted canvas showcases intricate designs with modern colors and flair. I've seen this done in henna on my friend Mina's hands and arms but I've never seen it done on a canvas, very unique and beautiful. I love the colors in this treasury she made aren't they gorgeous!

Next is "Romantic" by featuring my lambswool needle felted baby shoes. You will find knitted, crocheted and handwoven items in the curator's shop. The treasury looks gorgeous presenting red and white items.

Next one is called "It Takes Two" by featuring my needle felted baby shoes. This treasury idea is really cute. The curator's shop sells beautiful paintings of shoes, cows and Swedish landscapes delivered worldwide.

The last one, but not the least for today is "White with a touch of color" by who sells handmade beautiful jewelry in various styles for everyday wear and that special occasion. I love the combination of all white items with a touch of color, really pretty. In this treasury my baby hat and booties are featured.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nonteamchallenge 24 treasuries

Here is the treasury I made using the red crocheted doily from who was the winner of the #23 challenge last week.

I wasn't too sure which direction to go into with the red doily as the inspiration item. As I couldn't think of anything right away I just started searching for items with the colors represented in the entire photo, not just the red doily and this is what I came up with.

This next treasury was made by my friend Missie (who sells beautiful handcrafted jewelry in her Etsy shop ) using the same inspiration item but as you can see she took a different approach to make hers. I just adore the baby jacket and the ballerina shoes aren't they just darling!

More treasuries lined up for tomorrow so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A peachy kinda hat!

Well I wasn't sure how this little hat was going to turn out. I always get going with a certain picture in my head and by the time I'm halfway through it ... the picture has changed ... and sometimes I have no idea if whatever I'm working on will still work out looking anyway decent. Originally I was going to rip some fabric into strips and use them to weave through the middle section of this little hat and also to make a topper of some kind but that didn't work out unless I was going to zigzag all those strips and I really didn't feel like doing that. So I went digging in my piles of yarn and found this ribbon yarn that could work better ... and it did. Here is my latest little baby hat I put into my shop today so go check it out to have a closer look.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A pretty treasury to cheer me up ... Angels on a Cloud

Most of the time I'm a cheery optimistic person but yesterday was one of those days where everything just added up and even the pretty moon didn't cheer me up so I decided to make a pretty treasury, just to make me feel a bit happier ... and it did. Here it is, I called it Angels on a Cloud. I figured it was an appropriate fit for all the beautiful items I picked.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March treasuries

Now that my wrist is better I can ease back into my world except knitting, crocheting and needle felting will have to wait a couple more days I'm afraid. So for now I can type, sew and needle felt (with my machines of course). I was able to catch up on reading all my arts and crafts magazine which is a good thing.

Enough about my wrist lets share more beautiful treasuries. Got a bunch of them so here we go.

This first one "Check This Out Soooooo Beautiful" by featuring my crocheted, felted toddler slippers is not just beautiful I consider it a definite GORGEOUS. As some of you might know ... my favorite color is purple so needless to say I'm all over this one. In the curator shop you will find beautiful, elegant handmade gold, silver and gems jewelry so make sure you go and have a look in her shop as well as all the shops in this treasury.

Next is "The Wearin' and Usin' of the Green", by featuring my acqua baby shoes, a treasury of all things green honoring St. Patrick's Day. She sells beautiful art made of recycled, reclaimed textiles and acrylics.

Next is "Every Child begins the world again ..." by featuring my pink daisy baby dress with so many other darling baby shower gift ideas or baby room decor items. So cute, make sure you don't miss viewing it. The curator ReNu Boutique sells jewelry and accessories made from repurposed / recycled sweaters, scraps of leather and other fabrics, metal, glass, old jewelry, old and new beads and buttons. ReNu Boutique is an expression of love of reclaimed materials and it explores the borders of old and new.

Next is "Blues" by featuring my felted pillbox hat for teens mixed with lots of other beautiful blue items. The curator, Wallaroo Prints is a fun and geeky shop selling art prints, geekery items, inspirational posters, programming code signs and just about anything else that can be put on paper. A must visit!

Next is "Mellow earthy browns" by featuring my crocheted felted hat with lots of other gorgeous mellow earthy brown items you can't live without. In the curator shop, you will find some lovely knitted and felted beanies, hats and brooches you just can't live without.

Next is "A Cure for the blues" by featuring my crocheted felted pillbox hat. This curator of this treasury, Thoughts on Paper by Kristinbot5000 shop specializes in hand crafted paper goods for parties, gift giving, and scrapbooking. The colors in this treasury will certainly cure you from the blues!

Next is "Are you ready for St. Patricks Day" by featuring my felted aqua baby shoes. Eventhough this treasury was made with St. Patty's day in mind, you need to check it out as it has many items not just for that day! The curator shop, The Ward Rose sells floral decorations such as wreaths and lovely decorative soaps.

Next is "Baby Boy Needs" by featuring my crocheted blue booties with lots of other really cute baby items a little boy just can't be without. The curator shop Paperponies are paper mache artists, who create fine detailed paper mache items. A definite must visit store!

Next is "Spring Weekend at the Cottage" by featuring my striped felted baby shoes with needle felted birdies on it. I love this treasury, it's so pretty with all the spring-y items in it, truly lovely. The Curator, Felting Fish Designs shop sells natural, handmade, creative toys and needle felted mermaids,fairy folk and animals. It's a place to find toys for the earth friendly family. The bunnies are definitely my favorite so with Easter coming soon a perfect place to find an earth friendly bunny!

Next is "White Horses" by featuring my white needle felted foal. If you like horses this treasury is the place for you to go. The curator of this treasury, Lostcode's Jewelry Creations shop sells lovely things in silver and gemstones: earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bookmarks, and more. She mostly uses genuine stones and sterling silver, with a bit of Tibet silver or silver plate.

Next up is "Green Machine" by featuring my felted shamrock brooch. Another St. Patty's day treasury with lots of lovely green items not just for that day so if you love green have a look at all the great shops who are part of this treasury. This curator of this treasury, Thoughts on Paper by Kristinbot5000 shop specializes in hand crafted paper goods for parties, gift giving, and scrapbooking. If you like paper you will enjoy visiting her shop.

This one "Take a walk with me through the poppiefield" by is sooooo pretty. I love the color combination of the greens and reds, just beautiful. My nuno felted scarf is very happy to be in this treasury! In the shop of the curator of this treasury Emilyparketsart's shop you will find Shabby Chic textile art and illustration, along with a few vintage inspired soft decorative textile items. The page showing the items of her shop are so pretty, it looks like a treasury! A must visit!

Next one is called "Warmth" by featuring my needle felted hedgehog family! I love the colors in this treasury, just so cozy and warm and the items are all really cool things. In the curator's shop, Newhopebea, you will find personalized, handstamped silver initial, name, and family tree necklaces, as well as mother's bracelets and peapod necklaces. Really cute shop so have a peek.

This one "Sweet Rose" by is another entry for the nonteamchallenge 23 featuring my sweet little needle felted bird. The colors in this treasury are just so sweet, pretty and gorgeous! Love this one. The curator's shop ValerieKStudio sells the most amazing jewelry I've ever seen. I'm dying to purchase one of those rings! Just gorgeous! Make sure you visit her shop, I can promise you it won't be a disappointment.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sprained wrist and my nonteamchallenge 23 treasury

Ok, I've talked about our aquarium on my blog before. The thing is ... I hate cleaning the darn thing, always have always will ... but it needs to get done ... so I did late last night. Don't ask me how I did it but I managed to sprain my wrist doing it! Of course that doesn't help my love for that tank! ha Needless to say I can not crochet, knit, felt, sew etc. because of it but I did find out I can type ok. As long as I don't make a certain move I can manage and was able to make my treasury for this week's entry into the nonteamchallenge 23. The inspiration item is the Spring Clean Framed Textile Art from
Can't wait to see everybody else's entries. It's always so much fun to see what all the other artists create all based on the same item but they all end up being so different in their own way. Make sure you visit all the other shops included in this treasury, all kinds of cool items to check out.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My own entry for the nonteamchallenge 22

I got so excited about all the treasuries my items were featured in I totally forgot to post the entry I made for this challenge! I like picking colors that stand out from the usual things people pick, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This time, chocolate and purple seem to work. Here is my entry named "What a hoot!" for this week's nonteamchallenge 22.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nonteamchallenge 22 treasuries

Wow, pretty amazing getting featured in all these beautiful treasuries for the non-team challenge 22 treasuries on Etsy. The inspiration item was a beautiful needle felted owl kit by who sells all kinds of neat Alpaca related items such as needle felting kits as well as cards, yarn etc. If you like Alpaca's you have to check out her shop.

First one is called "For the love of owls" by my friend Missie who has a lovely shop on Etsy selling beautiful jewelry she makes so make sure you go and check out what she has to offer. In her treasury she featured my baby owl I had made with the help of my daughter Sofie. He's for sale in my PurplePlatypus shop, isn't he a cutie. I love all the other owls Missie picked to put in her treasury, if you like owls this is your chance! Go visit all the other shops in that beautiful treasury she made.

This next one named "Colors of the woods" by features my brown striped baby hat. In her shop you will find beautiful handmade jewelry. Her treasury features some really lovely items in browns, beige and wood.

The following treasury named "Bird Song" by featuring my brown and beige felted slippers. She used brown and turquoise colored items which look beautiful together. You will find lovely hand knit items in her shop.

This treasury named "Just call me winged tiger" by also featuring my striped baby hat looks warm and inviting with the items she picked. In her shop you will find pretty hand sewn up-cycled brooches and hairpins for all occasions.

This next treasury called "My heart goes out..." by featuring my felted baby shoes is not part of the nonteam challenge but from a different team called Pay It Forward. In her shop you will find a collection of handcrafted glass lampwork beads, fabric flowers, unique bottle cap item and fun & funky jewelry items. Make sure you check it out! I love the bright colored items she picked to put this treasury together.

That's it for this week on treasuries. Hope you enjoyed looking at the gorgeous treasuries but also visiting all the shops involved in making them. Have a great weekend everybody, thanks for your visit.

Meet Lillie an itty bitty needle felted hamster

So here she is ... Lillie an itty bitty little thing, she measures only 1 1/2 inches long! I figured I needed to make a little critter to move into this critter onion I had made. She's all finished and ready to go so if you're looking for that special little gift for a child over 3 yrs old or a grown up who appreciates having a little pocket pet, this one is for you! I just listed her in my Etsy shop so go visit the shop to see more pictures of Lillie and her little house.

A cute little critter onion and birds nest jewelry

I try to focus on smaller things to make for now due to lack of time. I spent my 30 min lunches at work either crocheting or knitting. While I'm eating I usually catch up on reading my favorite arts and craft magazines, blogs or on-line info. So, this little colorful critter onion I made during 2 of my lunches and it will be up for sale in my PurplePlatypus shop later this w/end. This little hut is made with 100% cotton rope but since it's dyed in pink and blue and didn't say what it was dyed with I assume it might not be safe for a robo hamster to digest so this one is for sale in my shop as a play toy for children, assuming they are NOT going to chew and eat the rope it's made of. I will be making more critter onions for the real little pets but those will all be in natural rope, not dyed.

Then I also made some of these cute wire birds nests and made them into a pair of earrings and a necklace. The purple little bows are tied but also glued on so they stay put. I'm planning on making some more but without gluing the bows that way you can remove them and change them with a different color ribbon. The set is up for sale in my PurplePlatypus shop.

Got lots of treasuries to share but that's for later today. Have to get some laundry done first, then I get more time to play.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet me on the dark side?

So off I went finding more lovely creations by other Etsy artists to create yet another treasury and this is what I came up with.

Lots of greens and blues

Wow, looks like my aqua baby booties are having a great week! They ended up getting featured in 3 treasuries.

In this first treasury called "Blue and gold banquet" my felt mixed media baby room decor frame got featured by who sells beads, ribbons, charms and other craft supplies. You will also find scrapbooks and cards in her lovely Etsy shop so make sure you go visit her store if you're looking for supplies.

This one called "Minted" by has my aqua baby booties listed, those colors of green all put together are gorgeous. In her shop you will find beautiful hair accessories and jewelry.

Next one is called "One of these things is not like the others" by featuring my booties again. Cute title and idea for this treasury, again beautiful colors of green. She makes and sells beautiful jewelry and accessories made from repurposed / recycled sweaters, scraps of leather and other fabrics, metal, glass, old jewelry, old and new beads and buttons. The ReNu Boutique is an expression of love of reclaimed materials and it explores the borders of old and new. A must visit.

Next treasury is named "Spring Greens" by also featuring my baby booties. Again beautiful green with popping lime colors in that treasury, really pretty I must say. In her shop you will find the coolest paintings of shoes and landscapes! I'm in love with all the shoe paintings, what a cool idea! So make sure you visit that shop.

I'm working on some wire birds nest charms ... more about that later.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla?

So, which one of these do you prefer? Had fun making this treasury. Not all of these items are edible but I think they all do look delicious.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Needle Felted Embroidered Saint Patricks Day Brooch

I'm a sign shop artist during the day so while I'm painting, cutting boards or drawing my mind goes 100 miles per hour thinking of all the things I want to make when I get home. Only problem with that is I never have enough hours in a day to get to all those projects racing through my head. I thought of jotting those ideas down but if I did that I'd only get more frustrated not being able to get to them all. So, I usually try to think of one, appropriate for the time of the year if it's near a holiday. I've been wanting to make something for St. Patty's day, first I thought of a pincushion but then I thought a brooch would be better, it's smaller and wouldn't take me as long to make. I cut the pieces last night, did the needle felting part before going to bed, put the beads, thread and needles in a sandwich baggie and dropped it in my bag I take to work. So today during my lunch (30 min.) I was able to sew all the beads on it and when I got home I put some stuffing in it and embroidered the edges and voila ... enough daylight left to take some pictures to get it into my shop. While looking through my button box I found a couple other really cool buttons I could use to make another pretty brooch, except I'm going to run out of time ... it's already March 5th, St. Patty's day is only 12 days away ... I guess I better start working on those Easter projects, or maybe I just need to skip a couple of holidays and start thinking about fall projects ... that way I'm ahead of the game and don't need to stress myself out!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Nonteamchallenge 21 treasury on Etsy

And here is my entry for this week's nonteamchallenge 21 treasury. The inspiration item is a beautiful leather folio/case for an Ipad, sketchbook, etc. steampunk handmade gadget sleeve made from khaki leather and an antique skeleton key. Makes for a really unique gift idea. Check out the shop for more cool items:

I had made my treasury and totally hit the wrong key ... which meant ... I lost the darn thing! Like a dummy I forgot to save it and it was gone ... an entire 30 min of putting it together lost. So, I started over and just for the heck of it I totally changed my choices on this one ... not sure why ... I just did. I must say I do like this 2nd one much better then the first one ... so again ... I guess it was meant to be. Enjoy!

Nuno needle felted blue water scarf

Finally finished this scarf I started months ago! I actually started making this by needle felting it by hand while at the Farmers Market BUT THEN .... Santa gave me a needle felting machine and ta daaaaaaa, this makes my life in the felting world just a wee bit easier I must say. It still takes a long time doing it by machine versus by hand but the good thing is that it certainly saves me from getting tennis elbow again from doing all the needling by hand which is a lot of repetitive movement. Now if they could only come up with a way to make needle felting 3D sculptures a bit easier on the wrists and/or elbows I'd be a really happy camper. That's also one of the main reasons I constantly switch back and forth between making needle felted sculptures, knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, painting etc. It's all done with my hands but for each one you make different movements which saves me from getting tennis elbow and carpal tunnel.

I just listed this scarf in my PurplePlatypus shop if you're interested in purchasing it.

Featured on KIDindependent - A really cool site for mums, babies and kids!

Check this out . I was so excited to find my baby shoes featured on here. If you want to know what they are all about this is what they have to say on who they are: "We’re basically a bunch of arty types with a love of all things handmade, vintage, sustainable, limited edition and independent. We crave products that are born from the hands of an artist, the heart of a loving mother, the mind of a talented designer, or the soul of an interesting character…

The creativity behind this blog comes from inspirational conversations among friends. We run this blog in between long nights, crazy mornings, tears + tantrums, smiles + giggles and the occasional glass of wine + kilo of chocolate. One of us is a writer + designer, the rest of us just love to shop.

Most of the contributions to {KID} independent are from work-at-home-mums (WAHMS), Aunties, Nans and the occasional Dad! Supporting these small businesses is of the utmost importance to us, and we’re proud to be associated with their amazing talent!"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oatmeal with a touch of green

I love oatmeal but it has to be made with milk, not water and just a bit of raw sugar ... hmmm I think I will have to make some for breakfast tomorrow morning. It was the thought of oatmeal that made me come up with the idea to make this treasury, "Oatmeal with a touch of green". The green part didn't have anything to do with the eating part ... that kinda popped into my head thinking of St. Patrick's day. So here it is:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little felted bird in some lovely treasuries

My little felted bird has made it into two lovely treasuries this week!

This first one is called "Spring Wings" made by who sells fun favor and gift boxes in her Etsy store so make sure you have a look at what she sells.

The second one is called "Spring Flowers" another fun, fresh and springy treasury.

Today I was able to finish one of the needle felted scarves I've been working on. It's drying right now so I haven't been able to take pictures of it yet. The material was a very pretty variegated silky blue with a dark blue chain stitch design running through it. I used a variegated sheep fleece in lovely purple, blue and lime colors. I can't wait to show you pictures of it ... but I guess I will have to wait till Friday since I have to go back to work tomorrow and I won't have daylight to take photos of it until I'm home on Friday!