Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rusty Fall

I can't wait till the trees in our street turn into their yearly bright yellow awesomeness! I love fall in Virginia, well not only in Virginia of course I just love fall. So in the meantime while I'm patiently awaiting for the trees to turn ... I made another treasury this morning.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Punkin Babees

Couldn't resist making a treasury with all these cute pumpkin babies and of course some kitties and dogs mixed in all dressed for Halloween! This treasury makes me smile when I look at it, hope it does the same for you.

Needle felted Christmas Polar Bear and another cute hedgehog pincushion

This little hedgehog is related to all the other ones I've made in the past. I love making these, they are so much fun. I made them while I was in Belgium during the summer.

The baby bear I also made while I was in Belgium but finished his Christmas hat and scarf when I got back home to Virginia. He can be used as a pincushion as well or just for decoration.

Both are listed in my PurplePlatypus shop if you like to see pictures click on this link

Friday, September 23, 2011

September treasuries to share

Sorry it's taken me so long to get to posting these treasuries! So let's jump right on in with show and tell!

This first one is called "I heart" by featuring my knitted newborn Christmas Elf hat and it just sold! Yeahhhh! Thank you!! Working on another one, a bit darker green then this one that just sold but same idea. The Curator Israeli designer Meital Levi, sells handmade contemporary jewelry designs with sterling silver, gold, Rose gold. Classic wedding bands for men and women, infinity jewelry, unique earrings, rings, lace jewelry, filigree jewelry, necklaces in different styles and one of a kind special high fashion quality designs so make sure you check out her shop. I love the feeling of this treasury, so light and pretty.

Next treasury is called "New Autumn Hues" by featuring my knitted pumpkin hat which is on sale for a real good price!!! In the Curator shop you will find hats and aprons, here is the shop announcement: "Now including warm and cozy fleece hats. Just in time for fall and winter. My hats are decorated with unique, hand made cherry wood buttons from a fellow Etsian from Kiev and are sized for the perfect fit. My handmade aprons are each a one-of-a-kind original. I use the same patterns, but each is a unique combination of fabrics. I use only high quality, 100% cotton fabrics and they are all pre-washed and dried to prevent shrinkage. "

Next treasury is called "On pins and needles" featuring ... what do you think???? ... you guessed it! Pincushions, lots of really really really ... did I say really yet! ... cool pincushions and one of mine is featured as well! Mine is the needle felted bird with her hat on, she's still up for grabs at she comes with some pretty heart decorated pins as well. In the Curator's shop you will find some really cool and unique hand painted rocks and other things. Just want to share with you that she's been fighting breast cancer, had surgery and went through chemo and radiation. You all know how close that is to my heart after what my best friend went through. I want to wish you the best and keep on fighting!

Next are a couple of treasuries I just made this past week. I've been stressing out over things so making these treasuries helps me get through the days I find myself missing my best friend and also my dad. Love you all for visiting my blog, my shops and all the other shops I feature in these treasuries and don't be afraid to share the love!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Itty bitty OOAK bear

I finally got some better photos of this little guy. For some reason they always turned out blurry. I just listed him in my PurplePlatypus shop He would make a great cake topper for a child's birthday. He's got his little party hat on and shows you how much he loves you!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Itty bitty hats, a pouch and a cute little bear

Been busy knitting some cute little hats. A customer had asked for a set of preemie twin baby boy hats so I knitted up some samples in different yarns. She purchased two of the ones she liked and the rest of them I will be putting in my shop in the next couple of days. These were really fun to knit. The interesting part of this is that the colors she asked for I would usually not pick out myself. I guess as an artist we have our set preferences of things we pick and work with. Just comes to show, it's always a good idea to work "outside" of your box ... you never know what great things will come out of doing so. I love the way these little hats turned out so I'll be making more of them but in bigger sizes as well.

The little purse/pouch I wet felted and then embroidered. It has a real skinny purple leather strap attached to it which can be untied and made shorter if it needs to be. That will be going into my PurplePlatypus shop in the next couple of days.

I will have to re-take some pictures of this little needle felted bear with a heart. I'm having a heck of a time getting the pictures of this little dude to turn out right. But as soon as the pictures are taken and turn out fine I'll be putting him in my PurplePlatypus shop as well.

I have 5 more needle felted hedgehogs I need to take pictures of as well as a Christmas bear. Just haven't had the chance to take photos of them all.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September Treasuries

I'll jump right into the list I have to share with you today:

This treasury is called "Little Cottage in the Woods" featuring my brown knitted bear hat . In the Curator shop of this treasury you will find beautiful drawings, paintings and other custom artwork.

Next is a treasury called "The woods are lovely dark and deep" featuring my crocheted and felted slippers with acorns . Here is the link to the Curator shop and her shop announcement: "I am a fine art photographer who specializes in alternative process photography, such as polaroid transfers. I like the painterly quality of the polaroid transfers and the variation of each print. My equipment tends to be low tech: an older model Vivitar slide printer, polaroid 669 film and a film based Canon."

Next is a treasury called "Le Black Bear" featuring my needle felted bunny The Curator of this treasury sells charming embroidery and fun stuff for sewing or just fun stuff! For cute stuffed animals checkout her other shop

Next is a treasury called "Toadstool Love" featuring ... you guessed it! my needle felted pincushion with toadstools! In the Curator shop you will find andmade clothing, bags and trinkets for wanderers, fairies and forest folk.

Last but definitely not least! a treasury called "Cute, Little, MICE?!?!" featuring, my needle felted Christmas mouse In the Curator shop you will find amazing candles that look like bakery items! This is the shop announcement: "Here in my bakery shop, candles are hand sculptured paying great attention to detail, allowing you to custom order your own special treat. I use a Very High Grade soy wax so that I may provide you with the longest burn time and best scent throw possible on the market. You will LOVE the Creamy Smooth appearance that this wax has! My decorative breads are made from my own unique recipe that gives each bread the realistic look without it ever going bad! All bath and body products are made from all natural ingredients, and handcrafted items are created with lots of love where no two items are identical."

That's all I have for today folks. Thanks for looking and please feel free to share all the links!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not just yesterday, today or tomorrow ... every day they are there to save you!

Today is 9-11 ... I will never forget that day just like a lot of you. I made this treasury with my husband in mind who goes out there every day each time that pager goes off and somebody is in need of help, help to save your life not just on a day like 9-11.

Here is the link to the Warrenton, Virginia fire department

This treasury is dedicated to all the volunteer and paid firefighters who take care of us each and every day, we thank you and we love you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nonteamchallenge 48 Treasury - How about that orange bug?

I love this week's inspiration item for the treasury challenge. I used to have a bug, not an orange one, mine was silver grey. I loved my bug. We sold it before moving to Australia, it was one of my favorite cars ever. So, for this treasury I put together a bunch of VW bugs and busses and my other favorite thing ... surfing and the beach. I'll be listing more treasuries later this weekend. Thanks for looking and feel free to share!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The kittens are back and more treasuries

So, the mother cat who moved her 4 kittens from my mom's house a couple of weeks ago decided it was time to bring them all back!!  This happened about a week ago and my mom just wasn't sure on how to deal with the entire kitten kaboodle.  They are strays although the mother has basically moved in with my mom who feeds her, gives her birth control and makes her wear a flea collar.  Since the kittens were gone for about 4 weeks they are not totally happy with having a human in their life except they figured out that if they don't flip out, have a hissyfit about this human they get fed yummy food!  Yeahhh, so far it's worked except for 1 of them is still not too excited about being touched, my mom calls that one the bully.   Anyway, she has taken pictures but I still haven't received them since my mom doesn't know how to get them from her camera, into the pc and send on over to me.  But that's ok, she does know how to print them so I'm anxiously awaiting to get some photos of these little rascals so I can share them with you all!  She will need to find homes for them or they will be going to the RSPCA.  My mom lives in Aarschot, Belgium so if any of you are near there and you want a kitten please contact me so we can figure out how to get it to you.

Now let's talk treasuries! 

This first one is called "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" featuring my nuno felted scarf with crocheted mohair edge   The curator of this treasury has a shop  and sells 1930s-1980s vintage home decor, fashion, kitchenware, useful goods, ephemera and whimsy for gals and guys. 


Next one is called "My old Kentucky Home" featuring my needle felted mouse and her piece of cheese .  The curator of this treasury's shop  and sells handmade button bracelets, crocheted hair accessories and beaded bracelets great for back-to-schooland any other day of the year!  I love this treasury, makes me want to move into the Old Kentucky Home! 

Next one is called "Turquoise and Greens" featuring my organza earrings  .  The curator of this treasury Missie has a shop  were she sells beautiful handmade jewelry.  I love the colors she put together in this treasury, so pretty. 

Next one is called "Time to cover up" featuring my needle felted baby shoes  The curator of this treasury   sells handmade bags with polymer clay embellishments, polymer clay jewelry and other fun clay items such as lotion dispensers, salt and peppers and napkin rings.

Next one is called "Little cottage in the woods" featuring my knitted baby bear hat .  The curator of this treasury   sells  beautiful drawings, paintings and custom artwork.     

This last one I made and I almost forgot about sharing it with you all!  Enjoy visiting all the new shops listed in these treasuries.  Start your Christmas shopping early!  If you see something you like don't wait to purchase it, sales are starting to pick up now that the weather is starting to change and you wouldn't want the item you so adore be going to somebody else!!!  Thanks for looking and please feel free to share the site and all the treasuries. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can't wait for fall to get here!

I'm longing for cooler nights ... sleeping with the windows open, ahhhhh, I just can't wait!  Tired of having to listen to the humming of the air conditioner. It's amazing how much quieter it is without it running all night.  Anyway, to get myself in the fall mood I put together this bright orange and white treasury with some beautiful items for you ro check out.  Here it is ...

Nonteamchallenge 47 - Mary had a little lamb

This week we get to put together a treasury using some beautiful yarn from  as the inspiration item.  I had tons of ideas running through my head for this one and finally made the decision to make this treasury based upon Mary had a little lamb.  I think I can put together another 10 of these there are so many gorgeous yarns listed on Etsy as well as all the other items related to knitting and yarn.  But this will do for today.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Knitted Green baby hat with itty bitty pumpkins

I was going to make another Christmas hat but then I thought adding green itty bitty pumpkins to this hat would look cute for Halloween and/or THanksgiving.  So here it is.  What do you think of it?  I just listed it in my BitsOfFiber shop so if you like to see more photos please visit my shop by clicking on this link.