Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautiful flowers and a baby mouse in a pumpkin house

Working on making some more floral brooches for the shop and the market.  I love putting these flowers together, so much fun and so easy to make.

Made another little critter house ... I had made this little mouse first to use with the lavender house I had made earlier but he was a little too dark to go with that one so I made a white mouse to go with the lavender house and ended up making a pumpkin house for this little guy!  Found the perfect colors so he would stand out more.  He will be up for sale in my shop in a little bit although he's so darn cute laying in his little white nest inside his house I want to keep him! Here is the link to purchase him:

Rozie Cheeks

A treasury made up with 100% Homespunsociety members on Etsy!  Visit them all, click away to your hearts desire ... I promise you will find some amazing treasures in all of these shops. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Felted Ring / Sterling Silver Ring / Boho Ring / Gypsy Ring / Woodland Ring / Eco Friendly

Another beautiful OOAK ring made by my friend Missie using my felted bead.  I love the combination of silver and felt, I think it looks gorgeous.  Click on this link   to get to Missie's shop which has plenty of other beautiful jewelry.   

Felted Ring / Sterling Silver Ring / Boho Ring / Gypsy Ring / Woodland Ring / Eco Friendly

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A bit of teal ...

I love this color and variations of it.  So therefore a pretty treasury with lots of that lovely color! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

There's a mouse in the house!

Ok, so I'm still having fun making these little play huts.  This time I made an itty bitty white mouse with cute pink ears and red eyes.  She comes with the softest little pink blanket which fits inside her little house and makes it a perfect little nest for her to hide in.  More info if you click on this link: which will take you to my shop where she is up for sale. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OOAK Ring by MissieRabdau

I met Missie at the Archwood Green Barns farmers Market in The Plains a couple of years ago when she purchased some of my items.  Amongst the items she has purchased was a package with pieces of felt I had made.   When I found out Missie also has a store on Etsy  we really hit it off.  We cheer each other up when business is slow and we both feel like we want to stop this arts and crafts business!  But then again, we both know we couldn't survive if we couldn't make art.  It's in our blood and it's something you just can't stop doing.  Maybe for a day, or even two days but I know by then our fingers will be itching for wanting to make something and our brains would explode from all the ideas that have been building up in our heads and need to get out and worked on.  Missie makes and sells jewelry and as we all know there are a lot of people out there making jewelry so it's not easy trying to stand out but I must say I think Missie is on her way to stand out and make a statement.  Check out her latest design and description.

This ring is totally eco friendly. I have taken a piece of felted material that I purchased many years ago and set it in sterling silver and copper. The base is made from a piece of copper sheet metal that I have recycled. The bezel and band are made from sterling silver (.925). All silver was cut, sanded, soldered and burnished by me by hand. This ring is fun and funky and will be sure to attract some attention. The swirls in the felt are stunning...and I give credit to my friend, Chantal for making this beautiful piece of felt. You can find her shops listed below.

Copper (lead and nickel free)
Sterling Silver (.925)
Handcrafted Felt
Size 7.5

All of my jewelry comes packaged for gift giving. If you would like a card included, please convo me and I will be happy to provide one for you. Please don't forget to let me know what you want the card to say. :)

Here is the link to the ring in her Etsy shop:

Thanks Missie for making such a beautiful ring which includes a piece of my felt, I'm honored! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning Dream

One more treasury for today.  Happy Mother's Day.  I'll be spending mine at the Farmers Market tomorrow.  Come on down and visit if you're in the area.  Lots of nice mother's day gifts to choose from in the  Hope to see you at the barn!

Oh lala ... feeling a little French today!

Treasury made up of 100% homespunsociety members on Etsy!  Enjoy ...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Ducky and some toadstools for tiny feet

Made another amigurumi, a little ducky this time.  He's so darn cute.  Will be going to the Farmers Market with me on Sunday.  Also finished a pair of baby shoes made from recycled sweaters.  I needle felted the little toadstools with Merino sheep's fleece.  This pair is for a newborn.  I have another pair which looks pretty much the same for a baby that's 6+ months old.  I need for finish sewing on the velcro straps before I can list them.  These two items will get listed in my BitsOfFiber shop in the next couple of days.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Not just for Mothers day

A treasury I made with some of my favorite colors!

New items

Listing a couple more items I had made while in Belgium.  The owl and the baby bonnet are already listed in my BitsOfFiber shop.  The shawl is made out of a beautiful linen yarn so perfect for the warmer seasons.  It's a nice and open pattern but will still provide you with warmth during winter when worn bunched together around the neck.  Will be listing the scarf later today in my PurplePlatypus shop.  I'm working on another shawl similar to this one but in a mohair mix blue yarn.  I'm crocheting it with a very large hook so it will be nice and airy, almost cobweb like.

Itty bitty little things

I love itty bitty little things so I made a treasury of some darling little things you can find on Etsy.  There are tons more to find but these are some of my favorite ones.  

Enjoy visiting the stores were you will find more beautiful itty bitty little things!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Farmers Market and Cupcakes!

We are off to be at the Farmers Market in The Plains.  We are open from 10 till 3 pm every Sunday.  Lots of different items for sale from different Vendors.  All the items for sale are grown or made by the vendors attending.  My daughter baked some cupcakes for this week's event so head on over for a pleasant outing on a gorgeous day!  

See you at the Market!

For location and direction see info on the left in pink. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shoes are optional!

Trying to get back into the swing of things!  I've always loved making beautiful treasuries so I just had to make one this morning before going to work.  Wish I was going to the beach instead of work but oh well, dreaming is allowed and like I said "Shoes are optional!"  Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amigurumi Ballerina Bear and a petite pink pixie hat

Like I mentioned before ... I'm hooked on amigurumi for the moment.  I finished this little ballerina bear.  My aunt gave me a book of amigurumi animals and one of the patterns was for a little bear wearing a dress.  I just didn't care for the dress they put her in so I made up my own.  When I finished the little dress on her she looked like a ballerina to me so I gave her little ballerina slippers and a flower on her head and voila ... my little amigurumi ballerina bear.  She's for sale in my BitsOfFiber shop.  If you click on this link you will get to her fast:

This little pink pixie hat I made while I was visiting my mom last month.  It's an itty bitty little think.  Perfect for a very small preemie, a doll or a stuffed animal.  I love the pink, it's a very soft cotton mix yarn.  It's not listed in my shop yet, probably later this week.  I made a second one like this, but a size bigger and should fit a newborn.  Same color, didn't put the ribbon in it yet. Both of them will be going up for sale in my shop in the next week or so.