Friday, November 30, 2012

Gift guide for our pets

We have a cat, a dog, a hamster, an angora bunny and 10 fish!  They all have a stocking ... except the fish.  They all get a present, my kid makes sure they all do so I thought I'd check out all the fun things on Etsy and put a treasury together for those of you that have pets and need some ideas on what to get for them.  

Brighten up your Christmas!

A treasury made solely by my daughter!  Love it!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Felted holiday pincushions for the Christmas Market

I found that I could work on these cute pincushions even with my arm in a sling!  So far I've made two of them.  I might list them in my Etsy shop but not sure yet since I made these to take to the Christmas Market at the Archwood Green Barns   in The Plains this Sunday, December 2nd.  There will be about 15 vendors in the little barn offering all kinds of yummy and beautiful Holiday things.  So come and visit us this Sunday.

Back to the pincushions.  These I made using wool sweaters which I felted in the washing machine.  I embroidered them with mercerized cotton thread and then needle felted the center button with Merino Sheep's fleece.  I have lots of different felting needles but one of my favorites is the Clover pen style one which holds just one needle.

It's best to have some refills  Clover 73883 Felting Needle Tool Refill Fine Weight-5-Pkg (Google Affiliate Ad) on hand to replace the one you break!  Trust me it does happen.   When I make the pincushions I use a heavy cotton thread that I pull through the center of the cushion and make it come out the other end so I can pull it really tight.  I then tie it off and then needle felt the center button over it to cover up the thread.  Hitting the knot with your felting needle is what can break them very quickly.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday & Cyber Monday steals!

I will be posting treasuries during the next couple of days in which my shop and my daughter's shop are featured as well as lots of other gorgeous shops.  All of them should have sales going on so hop on the band wagon start your shopping in the comfort of your home and avoid the craziness in the stores and on the road!  

I'll start off with the treasury I made myself, more to follow in the next couple of days.  Have fun and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  A BIG THANKS to all of my customers out there who've been supporting us (Sofie's as well) this past year and in the future.  We couldn't do it without you!

Happy Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Both of our shops (Bits Of Fiber and MauveMoose) will be having a Thanksgiving sale starting Thursday, November 22nd at 1 am and will end on Tuesday, November 27th at 11 pm.  Everything in both of our shops will be 10% off so hurry and purchase those items you've been looking at before they are all gone.  Supplies are limited!  

To get to the BitsOfFiber shop click this link

To get to the MauveMoose shop click this link:

More mice and things for the Christmas market

We made a couple more items which we will offer at the Christmas Market, not in our Etsy shops. The earrings are needle felted and have glass beads sewn on.  My favorite are the white ones they remind me of snowballs.  The crocheted little bag with the white mice family you will find in our shops in the near future. Haven't decided yet in which shop we will offer it at this point. If you are interested in one before we offer them in our shop just contact me by e-mail. 

Sofie made more mice for her shop, here are a couple of photos.  If you click on this link it will take you to her shop

Recycled jeans gift pockets and needle felted toadstool earrings

Made a couple of recycled jeans gift pockets and a pair of needle felted toadstool earrings.  All are now listed in my BitsOfFiber shop.   Working on editing mice pictures for Sofie's shop.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Every girl deserves a pink Christmas

I love a pink Christmas!  I've never actually done a pink Christmas but someday I will.  Just don't have enough pink decorations to make it work.  So I figured I make a treasury all about pink Christmassy stuff.  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gift guide for the classy man

Treasury made by Sofie for the Homespunsociety team.  Check out the unique and fun items she found!  I loooooove the bow tie and the WOOD ties!  If you're looking for something different click away little bird click away and find more treasures hidden behind each of these pictures!  Thanks for looking, and clicking and buying.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black and blue isn't always a bad thing!

I love black and blue together.  So therefore I made a treasury with all black lacy things and hints of blue while I needed a break away from the needle felting I've been doing.  I'm making some needled felted earrings for the Christmas markets I'll be at in December.  More about that in a different post since I'm not sure what time the market starts and ends.  So in the meantime enjoy checking out all the wonderful shops represented in this treasury! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

1 in 16 treasuries

One of the teams I belong to on Etsy does a 1 in 16 on Fridays to promote the items being sold in the 16 shops represented in the treasury.  A treasury consists of 16 different shops.  The Curator can not include her/his own shop, only the other 16.  I love making treasuries as you can probably tell from looking at my blog.  To me it's like painting a pretty picture and the challenge is making that picture as pretty as possible using only what you can find on Etsy.  Now in the 1 in 16 it becomes even more challenging because you have to pick an item from each of the shops on your list so the choices are a lot more limited compared to when you make a regular treasury which means you have a bejilion choices from all the shops on Etsy and that's a LOT of shops.  The whole thing about making treasuries is trying to get it on the Front Page of Etsy, which means the items listed in that treasury (and hopefully their entire shop) will benefit from getting lots and lots of views of people wanting to get a closer look at what the item (and the rest of the shop) is all about and buy it.  No we do not get paid for all the clicking and buying you and everybody else does by looking at these treasuries we hopefully just get somebody to purchase either the item(s) listed on the treasury or something else from our shop.  But clicking and viewing the items in our treasuries does make a treasury "hot" which means it's part of the magic calculation Etsy Admin uses to put a beautiful treasury on the front page.  So the more you click the better our chances to get noticed and onto the Front Page!   The treasury I made for the 1 in 16 this week is listed in the post below named "Hot to trot!".   Today I wanted to list all the treasuries that were made with an item listed in our MauveMoose shop so I bet ya there will be lots of mice floating around!  I will be adding more treasuries to this post as the day moves on and the treasuries we are in are posted.  Thanks for looking and feel free to click away it's very much appreciated!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot to trot

That's the name of the treasury I made for the 1 in 16 Homespunsociety team on Etsy.  If you like red hot items and some purple ones these are made for you! 

Sleeping on my back, another hat and one more book

I'm soooooo tired of sleeping on my back with this darn sling on.  I find myself laying almost completely flat on my back although I start the night with still being propped up on two pillows and another one underneath my left arm to keep it in place.  The sling makes it so my arm sticks up in the air due to the metal thing it rests on and which is attached to my waist.  Went to my follow up appointment and yeahhhhh only two more weeks wearing this darn sling!  Then physical therapy can start which part of me is looking forward too but I know it's going to be painful so not looking forward to that part of this ordeal.  In the meantime I can type and do some things like sewing and knitting but only a few rows at a time although I must say I've moved up to about 10 rows.  Doc was impressed by the range of motion I have in the shoulder he did surgery on so that was good to hear.  Only thing that really bugs me is that when I do move my shoulder like when I take the sling off for my passive exercises or to get dressed I can actually feel (not as in touching it with my hand) but more mentally I guess is the way to describe it, where the anchors are located in my shoulder joint.  Kinda weird, but that's where it hurts the most when I move my shoulder.  That's the spot where he reattached the labrum and I realize that needs to heal and hopefully that feeling will go away by then.  Anyway, I just can't wait to start stretching that arm out and hopefully down the road without any pain doing just that.  

Alright, enough about my shoulder ... on to fun things ... I just sewed together this cute little red hat I made and crocheted the white pom poms.  Doesn't it look cute!  I started making a smaller version of this one since it doesn't take much effort to knit these and my arm is getting better I hope to get this one done for the December 2nd Christmas market I will attend.  More about that in a different post since I don't have all the details for it yet.  I'll be out of my sling by then!!!  Yeahhhhh!!!  I figure I will take it along tho because I know I'll be stretching and reaching for things across the table when I'm at the market.  Thank God my 16 yr old is going along with me to set up and help me, I really wouldn't be able to do this without her at this point.  



Then I also just listed another one of my knitting books.  I have way too many books on hand and need to make room for other books!  Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy some more.  These books are in excellent condition and could even be purchased to give as a gift to somebody who loves knitting obviously!  They are listed in my BitsOfFiber shop on Etsy.  The Minnow Knits book by Jil Eaton has the cutest most unique outfits I've seen in a long time.  Wish I had more time to knit when my daughter was little.  Here is the link to this one:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Newborn pixie hat and booties set and knitting books for sale

Just listed these two books and the baby hat and booties set.  It looks so darn cute on the doll I use as a model for my pictures!  Anyway, the books I'm selling because I just don't knit sweaters and bigger items then hats, booties and scarves anymore.  I have plenty of books in my library and I desperately need to get rid of some ... so I have room to buy some other books of course!  hehe  The books are in excellent condition, they would make a wonderful gift for that knitter in the family or friend who likes to knit.  They are listed in my BitsOfFiber shop but I will put the links by the photos in this post so it's easy to get to.  If you have any questions about the books please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

Here is the link for this hat and booties set:

Here is the link to The Ultimate Knitter's Guide book I'm selling:

 Here is the link to Glorious Knits book I'm selling:

Pretty soon Ginger will be here ...

I'm pretty sure you can figure out who Ginger might be?  Anyway, lots of cute and delicious gingerbread stuff in all of these shops.  Now I'm craving gingerbread!  They have these really delicious cake-like cookies in Belgium I remember eating years ago.  So, off I go trying to find one on the internet.  Enjoy the gingerbread items I'm sharing with you today.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mint chocolate - yummmmmm

Who doesn't love chocolate!  My favorite is marsipan chocolate or mint chocolate, yummmmmm.  Anyway, that's what inspired me to make this treasury ... using the mint chocolate colors. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Have a seat and some grey poupon

Another lovely treasury for the Etsy folks!   Enjoy!

Well rounded with a hint of sugar

... that's the title of my latest Etsy Treasury.  Click away and find more treasures in all the shops represented in this well "rounded" treasury.  And yummmmmm, those cookies look soooo good!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Santa Baby booties and another cute hat

Moving along finishing some more of the things I made before my surgery.  Just needed the finishing touches which I can now do using both arms!  Yeah!   Well as long as I don't move my shoulder in the process which isn't that easy.  Amazing how much we actually do use our shoulders.  Don't realize it until you mess it up and are in a sling.  I've gotten used to wearing the sling by now and I'm able to maneuver myself so I can sew things together only problem is that the sling has velcro strips in the darnest places!  I somehow lost one of the baby booties for about 30 minutes today, I went up and down the stairs tracing all my steps but couldn't find it until I went to take off my sling to exercise my arm and lo-and-behold there it was!!!!  Stuck on the back of my sling on the velcro strap that goes behind my back!!!  LOL  Glad I found it and a good thing I didn't have to go get the mail out of the mailbox ... neighbors would have wondered what on earth the neighbor was doing with a little Santa Claus boot stuck on her back??

Both of these are now listed in my shop.

 Link for the Santa Claus Booties:

Link for the little newborn hat:

Love me forever

Purple Heaven

Made a treasury full of gorgeous purples and aqua items from Etsy stores.  If you want to see more beautiful items from all of these shops represented in this treasury you just need to click on each item listed which will take you into that creator's shop.  So hop on over and check it out, no obligations, no tricks just an easy way for you to get an idea what all is available on Etsy.

'Purple heaven'