Thursday, January 31, 2013

Keep calm and love your pet

A treasury dedicated to all of our pets!  They deserve a valentine as well! 


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Really excited to find out my daughter's catnip mice toys she makes and sells on Etsy were featured in Hauspanther, which is an online magazine by Kate Benjamin for design conscious cat people!  Hauspanther has some really cool stuff so if you love felines definitely check it out.  Here is a picture of her Holiday Roundup: Valentine's Day Cat Toys which include my kid's floral catnip mice listed in her MauveMoose Etsy shop.   

Handmade Valentine's Day Cat Toys - Gifts for Cats

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Red crocheted pincushion and a baby boob beanie

I love red and white together anytime of the year not just during the holidays.  Made this one with Valentine's Day and Mother's Day in mind.

Click here to get to it in my BitsOfFiber shop

I've had a request to knit a boob!  Not just any kind of boob I must say ... it's a boob for a baby ... well it's a boobie beanie or in other words a baby boob nursing hat.  I'm sure you get the picture if you imagine a baby wearing this while nursing and the view it will portray which I think is pretty funny.  Here is what it looks like!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Knifty Knitter Looms by Provo Craft for Sale

I purchased this for my daughter when she was younger and wanted to learn to knit on a loom.  She did make a couple of really cute items on these looms but then moved on to knitting with just straight needles and I have no use for these looms.  They come in the original plastic sleeve plus I included an instruction book which has 10 easy projects in it.  Just the instruction book cost originally $16.95 but I'm selling the entire thing together for $15 ($10 shipping if you live in the US)!!!  Makes for a really nice gift for anybody who likes to try something new.  I'm de-stashing my studio and need to make room for other things so spread the word if you know of anybody who might be interested in this.  I have it for sale in my BitsOfFiber shop on Etsy.  Here is the link to it:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mice, a OOAK Child toy and some crocheted pincushions

I've had these crocheted doilies laying around for wayyyyy to long so I decided to finally make something with them.  Pincushions would be perfect.  I have a bunch more of the round ones which I was going to turn into something else at one point but never got to it so instead I made these pretty pincushions with them.   They make for a perfect Valentine Gift or Mother's Day gift as well so hop on over to my BitsOfFiber shop and check out everything about them.

 I also crocheted this little red bag which holds 3 love mice!  I made them from fabric which has a heart pattern.  They would also make for a cute Valentine Gift for a young lady.  This is for sale in my BitsOfFiber shop as well.  Click on the link below the picture to get to the listing in my shop.

 Then I also listed more mice in our MauveMoose shop.  Perfect for Valentine's Day, St. Patricks' day and the special ones made out of the breast cancer awareness fabric are perfect any day of the year.  I'm sure your cat(s) would be very happy to have one of these!



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A cheery treasury

I love bright colors, they are so much fun!  You'll find lots of bright and cheery things in the treasury I just made.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pink little crocheted hearts in a tin

How about some crocheted little hearts for your Valentine!  These have a million uses, scrapbooking, turn them into jewelry, put them on a T-shirt or jeans, use as an embellishment, turn them into a hair accessory and lots of other ideas.  I have some other ones in my shop but these I made using a different pattern and are the only light pink ones I have right now.  So hurry on over to grab them!  Click on this link to hop on over to my shop where you can see more photo's and get all the rest of the info you need.

More mice!

We're talking pretty catnip mice that is ... not the real kind!  These were added to my daughter's MauveMoose shop.  Click on the link below the photo's to get to her shop and find out more info regarding these.  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pink Poodle!

So my daughter asked me to make an Amigurumi pink poodle.  I didn't want to make her too small so I ended up using an acrylic yarn instead of the usual cotton thread I use for most of the Amigurumi items I make.  Anyway, I think she turned out looking pretty cute even though I've never been a big fan of poodles.  Now this one makes a perfect little pet ... doesn't bark nor poop!  I used the button technique to attach the legs which means they can be moved into different positions.  I actually used wooden beads instead of buttons.  If you are interested in purchasing this little pooch click on this link:       which will take you to her in my BitsOfFiber shop.  Thanks for visiting!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching up

Have a couple more treasuries we made these past couple of days and didn't get the chance to list them here so I'm trying to catch up.  

I can't believe I still haven't gotten over this flu/cold bug that's going around.  The three of us have been fighting it for more then a month now.  I'm sick of being sick!!!  Please make this bug go away!!  On the other hand, my shoulder is doing great.  Went to PT again today and have almost all of my range of motion back, yeahhhh!  Now for those of you who are going to have this type of surgery done in the future ... make sure you do go to PT, it makes a huge difference.  I've talked to many people now who had this type of surgery done and they ended up not going to PT for the amount of time that was suggested to them by the surgeon.  Just saying ... if you want to get that range of motion back make sure you go to your PT and do the exercises at home!!

Alright, enough said here are the treasuries I wanted to share with you.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Pallet

I love snow so therefore I love winter.  Just seems like we might not get a lot of snow this year.  So I figured I might as well enjoy the winter whites by putting this treasury together.  I'm also working on a felted heart brooch and an Amigurumi pink poodle!  Sofie is working on more mice for her shop so stay tuned for more things to show up in our shops.  Thanks for visiting!