Saturday, March 21, 2009

A long day

Went to the FHS, was there from 7 till 3 and didn't sell much but got lots of nice compliments (thank you if you're one of the many nice ladies who I talked to today!). The Apple Green baby shoes found a new home. Even though green is definitely not one of my favorite colors I forced myself to make a pair of booties in that color and after I needle felted some dots on them with an aqua dyed fleece (which my 12 yr old dyed for me with food coloring) they ended up to be one of my favorite pair. Anyway, I'm happy they are off to keep some cute baby's feet nice and cozy. Since we didn't get a lot of buyers to show up I kept myself busy with knitting another gumnut beanie. Still have to put it together but that won't be for this evening. I'm still amazed how this crazy economy is affecting everybody. Talking to a couple of folks at the show today and hearing their stories about loosing a job and trying to make a living doing other things made me realize how sheltered we were living in the middle of Australia in Alice Springs. It's a very remote area but business (at least my business!) was booming compared to here in the US people want to buy my stuff but just don't have the money. Ok, this is just making me more depressed and sad so I better stop talking about it and get busy putting that gumnut beanie together, I just hope things will turn around for everybody and life will be good again.

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