Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Violin Girl

Since I'm not sure where to start with my story I might as well just jump in and go with the flow. In case you're wondering about my violin girl ... I created her, I made her from wire, painters tape, foil, 2nd hand T-shirt, some other fabrics and a textile medium called Powertex. She's one of many girls I made while living in the Australian outback. I haven't made any for about a year since I got in a rut and wanted to experiment with other things, so I went back to felting, another one of my new found loves. Well, maybe not so new since I've been felting for about 4 yrs.

Back to violin girl. I was never sure of what to call my pieces ... statues, figurines, art dolls? Not sure where they really belong, or what category to put them in so I just called them my girls. I did make a boy one time, I will have to post the photo down the road of the little guy, he was part of a mother, daugther and son piece I made for a client of mine. After making and selling about 100 of these girls over a 2 yr period I realized I didn't want to go mass producing them, that just took all the fun out of creating them ... so I stopped.

But, for some reason ... today I made up my mind that I need to get back to work on making some more of these girls and share them. I know they will sell, I've had some people here in the US asking me when I start making them so I figured it's time. I will not go crazy and mass produce them but pick and choose which one to make and make them very special. I hope that all the ones I've made in the past have a good home, wherever that might be. I wonder sometimes where they are at, who purchased them and why. If you happen to be the owner of one of my girls ... I would love to hear from you. My business name in Australia was called Purple Platypus in case you are wondering about the name. I changed my name to Bits of Fiber since Purple Platypus was already taken here in the US.

Love to hear from you.

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  1. I love her! Lets do lunch on friday. Convo me.