Friday, April 10, 2009

Meet Our New Family Member - River

So here is the reason I haven't had to time to get anything done this week! Meet our newest member of the family ... our Boykin Spaniel called River. Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen. Well, we think he is. We got him at the Fauquier SPCA. For those who have never heard of a Boykin Spaniel they also call this kind of dog a Swamp Poodle or a LBD ... Little Brown Dog! ha He's a spunky little dog with a great personality. I tried to get some work done in my studio yesterday while he was taking a nap on the floor in the family room .... well so I thought. Out of the corner of my eye I all of a sudden saw a blue flash down the hall way so it was time for an inspection. Dear puppy River-dog had managed to take every blue pillow from the couches, piled them all on top of his toys and was trying to take a nap on top of his blue tower of goodies! I put them all back where they belonged and went back to what I was doing ... well at least I pretended I was trying to fool him .... aha which I did .... yep Mister River-dog sprung back into action and I figured by now blue must be his favorite color since he again went for all the blue pillows and left all the other ones that were not blue on the couches. But I managed to catch the pillow thief in action and showed him they didn't belong on the floor but on the couch and showed him what he could play with .... his toys and stuffed animal which is also very soft. So off I went back to work again until I saw a big brown flash slowly making it's way across the floor down the hallway ..... hmmmm what's puppy up to now? Better make another inspection. Well this time he decided to leave my blue pillows where they belong but he managed to drag the huge brown pillow from his crate, which is about 5 times bigger then he is you must know, and put it on top of all of his toys and was trying to get comfy to take his nap. Well since it's HIS pillow I let him be and off he went to puppy dreamland ..... ahhhhhhh, I could finally get some work done while he took a well deserved nap.


  1. OMG...River is cute..cute..cute! Have fun with him.

  2. aaaaw, he's adorable! I'll write a longer message when i get back to SA. Yes - I have moved to the new job and already taken a 3 week holiday to NZ ha ha. Tell you more in the coming days. I have to get to Sydney this afternoon to take a plane to Adelaide.
    River is GORGEOUS. Give him a big kiss from me.
    Love Miss Penelope