Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whimsical Blue Bird and Funky Beanies

So what do you think? I managed to make a whimsical little bird, well he's actually not that little I guess. You have to understand I've always had a hard time making silly and funky things. For some darn reason my stuff always ends up looking more elegant versus fun and/or silly. I've been trying to figure out why that is ... and I really can't explain it. I guess as an artist we all have our own way of making things look a certain way, which ends up being our very own, I guess, signature look? I never gave it much thought until I started making beanies for the beanie festival in Alice Springs. My kid and husband both kept telling me to make something more crazy, outrageous, etc. Well I tried, I tried for 3 yrs but each time I ended up with something just not crazy enough, again my hats turned out looking elegant ... except maybe for this last one I made. I had basically given up on trying something crazy until I started digging into my bags of yarn and found a bag full of metallic yarns my mother-in-law had given me. I just picked a yarn and started crochetting, not trying to think of what the end result would look like. So I kept on going thinking what else I could use to make it more silly, I remembered a huge bag of emu feathers my husband had purchased for me (thanks honey!) he figured some day I would find some use for them ... so I did. As you can see in the photo I used lots of emu feathers on that thing hoping to make it look more silly ... not sure if that really added to make it a more fun/funny beanie but I tried my darnedest.

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