Monday, September 14, 2009

Scarfs and more Felt Scarfs

Ok, I finally got some of my scarfs on Etsy. Everybody keeps asking me why I've never put any of my scarfs on Etsy so I finally did it. I think it's mostly because my Etsy shop is just ... well sitting there ... haven't sold but 1 thing that way. I have to keep adding things and taking them off a week later due to the fact I sold that item at the barn! But, I figured heck ... I'll give it a try since my scarfs are a bit more pricier then all the other stuff I make and sell (except for my figurines which I haven't had the chance to make more of lately), we'll see what happens having them in my Etsy shop. I guess I just need to get into gear and start advertising my Etsy shop especially with the barn closing down during the winter months I'll have more time to figure out how to get myself noticed more to the on-line world. Only problem is that everytime I find myself on-line I keep thinking of how much time goes into that and how much more felt I could create if I wasn't sitting in front of this darn computer!

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