Monday, October 12, 2009

Lovely fall!

Yes, fall has arrived, it's definitely cooling off. I realize how much I've missed having the four seasons when we lived in Australia. Fall in Virginia is a gorgeous time of the year. I can't wait to pull out all my warm fuzzy sweaters and jackets. Today, when I went outside to spray paint at my day job as the sign shop artist for the Wegmans store in Gainesville I realized, yep fall is definitely here ... I can't forget to bring my gloves tomorrow. We have to go outside to spray paint the boards we use to make our signs for the store since some of them are 4 by 8 feet it's impossible to do it inside. I don't mind doing it outside, it gives me a break from being indoors, only thing I don't like about it is that my hands get numb having to push the button of the spray can when the temperatures are down. Last year when I started this job I figured a way to keep my hands from freezing and my fingers from getting numb. I bought a cheap pair of wool gloves and over them I put a pair of latex gloves on ... that way I don't get the paint all over the wool gloves and it keeps my hands extra toasty! Come to think of it ... now that I'm typing this I better go and grab them out of the cabinet and stick them in my bag to take them to work tomorrow.


  1. we have to get together again..maybe coffee at The Red Truck !

  2. Geweldig, wat een mens allemaal verzint om warm te blijven. Heel inventief.
    Heb jij dat plakaat gemaakt? Het ziet er heel goed uit en nu kan het echt herfst worden.