Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy, busy, busy ...

Ahhhhhh, my head is just buzzing with tons of ideas for new creations. I really really really need 100 hours in a day, but ... I can only work on 3 things at a time. I usually have my sitting down project going, which is either knitting or crocheting for TV and join the family time. While I'm making dinner I'm usually back and forth from the kitchen to my studio (which is just around the corner from the kitchen, really convenient) where I have sewing, needle felting, embroidery things going on. Then down to the basement for longer periods of time for wet felting. Some of the smaller wet felting projects I do on my kitchen counter. Anyway, I only have 28 days to get ready for our two Christmas markets in December. I need to felt a bunch of scarfs, some purses, knit and crochet a couple more hats and I made the mistake of starting to needle felt some snowman and various animal ornaments. I must say they are so darn cute I want to keep some for myself! I wasn't too sure how they were going to turn out, but they did turn out oh so pretty if I say so myself! Wade and Sofie both love them, and trust me if something doesn't look right or isn't something to get excited about, they are the first ones to let me know! When I was at Michaels the other day I found some tin cans to match the ornaments, perfect for putting them in and keeping them safe and selling them at the markets in December. Anyway, buy some special one of kind hand made presents this year! Come and visit our Christmas Market at the Archwood Green Barn in The Plains. Hope to see you there!

The pictures are of a beanie I made when I lived in Alice Springs. It's about my journey from Belgium, to the USA to Australia. I used merino sheep and camel fleece to make it. I made a special hat box to keep it in so I can pass it on to Sofie. I told myself to felt at least one hat for the Christmas market. I love making hats like that and by that I mean the shape (cloche like) and big soft bows and flowers.


  1. What a great keepsake ! Good luck at your Barn shows ;-)

  2. Wat is dat een leuke hoed, ik vind hem geweldig! Ik lees het al, dat wordt hard werken voor jou.
    Veel plezier met werken en heel veel succes op de show.