Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brrrrr, freezing cold here in Virginia ... time for a new scarf

I could use about 10 scarfs right now and it still won't warm me up. For some darn reason I just can't get warm this afternoon. Of course having to spray paint my boards outside doesn't help getting my temperature up. I can feel it in the air .... more snow that is ... it's on the way and I can't wait till tomorrow or actually Friday morning is when it's suppose to get here, to see that carpet of snow on the ground again. We still have little heaps of snow from the last snowstorm we had a couple weeks ago so that should tell you it's been cold here in Virginia. We usually get some days of above freezing temps to melt the left over snow ... but that hasn't happened yet.

I rushed home from work this afternoon to take pictures of my felted scarf outside using the last bit of daylight. Unfortunately the pictures didn't reflect the true color of this scarf! Very frustrating since I actually got some really nice looking pictures of that scarf, except it looked like a different scarf! I then went ahead and took some pictures inside my studio with the worst light you can imagine and voila .... the color turned out this way. As my hubby explained it, the light outside was very flat today ... whatever that means. He took photography I never have, I just try different things on my own and get very excited when things turn out just the way I want them. I dislike reading camera manuals or books on lighting and how to use it properly, just not my cup of tea. I rather just risk it and pretend I know what the heck I'm doing! I must say, I was really excited when my better half made a comment to me about how nice my blog and Etsy pictures have turned out! That really means a lot to me you know.

So here is a picture of the scarf I just posted on Etsy.

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  1. I have found reds and purple hues to be the hardest to capture on film. Beautiful lesson any time soon??