Sunday, February 21, 2010

More projects ....

With the melting of all this snow we've had I have the urge to complete a million projects I've had sitting around for days, weeks ... and a couple of them even months! Maybe it's the coming of spring that got me feeling that way, out with the old ... in with the new. I haven't been felting much this past winter just because I have everything set up for it in my basement .... except it's not that warm down there and I have no running water down there yet. That's hopefully going to be one of my dear husbands projects for this coming summer so I will be spending more time down there to work on some of my wet-felting projects. I've been wanting to test out some other ideas I've had wiggling around in my head lately but I definitely need a sink and water for that. I had planned on getting to learn how to spin this winter .... well do I need to say more .... that didn't happen ... yet! Been too busy doing other things so that's still on my "wanting to learn" list. Have a happy day everybody.
I finished this little square top baby beret the other day, it's in my PurplePlatypus store on Etsy if you want to see more pictures of it.


  1. I love how it looks like a graduation cap! Too cute

  2. I do really love this baby beret and all the ideas you have for summer. Well, lets first enjoy spring.