Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yeahhhh, another project finished ... Pink slippers

I crocheted these infant/toddler slippers months ago. I tossed them into the hot laundry and that was it ... they sat on a shelf in my cabinet and every time I saw them I realized I had to do something with them, they needed something added so I finally sat down and crocheted a bunch of little flowers. At first I was going to put 3 of them (pink, red and white) in a bouquet and put them on the front part of the slipper which I did but it just looked too heavy for the dainty shape they have. These are made to fit more like a sock compared to a slipper. So, I've ended up just putting a flower on the top and a flower on the ankle which looked the prettiest of all the different ways I tried to decorate these. I just put them in my Etsy shop so if you're interested go and have a closer look at them. I did put some anti-slip on the bottom to prevent slipping.

I also just finished a big mohair scarf/wrap which I still need to take pictures of so I better get going, couple more projects that need my help!

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