Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fireman rescues Oscar the Fish!

For real ... this is a true story. When we lived in Marshall, Virginia about 7 yrs ago we had a big fantail goldfish called Oscar. He was a silly fish, he used to swim backwards and do flips under and over the bridge we had in our tank. Our tank was located in the dining room so one evening while eating dinner we watched Oscar doing his silly tricks over and under and backwards and there he goes again and again and again. Then he did his usual routine ... sucking the algae off the rocks laying on the bottom of the tank, he liked having a clean house that fish. I wasn't paying attention to Oscar, neither was Sofie or Wade but he certainly was making an awful lot of waves in the tank, more then usual. Sofie, who had a full view of the tank from her seat all of a sudden yelled out, oh no something is wrong with Oscar he's having problems breathing!!! Huh? Breathing??? Wade and I both looked at each other lifting our eyebrows, then looked over at the tank ... so there is Oscar doing all kinds of very strange flips and splashing more then usual. At first we thought he was just craving attention until we noticed his mouth was wide open and I mean WIDE open and it looked all black inside!??? huh???? what on earth is going on with Oscar???? When I looked again I noticed the black thing was actually a rock from the bottom of the tank that looked like it was actually stuck in his mouth!!!! Oh noooooo, what to do what to do???? Wade's firefighter's instinct jumped into action and he calmly got up while I frantically tried to get a hold of Oscar and walked out the room? What the heck???? Waaaaaaaaaaade, I need your help right now ... I didn't want Oscar to die in my hand, well in the net I was holding him in. So, he came back with a set of very long skinny tweezers, the real medical type. He instructed me to grab a hold of Oscar so he could get the dam. rock out of his face!!! Ok Mister Fireman ... it's not that easy trying to hold a 5 inch slippery goldfish still UNDER water to perform surgery. But, I managed to do so with a washcloth and voila ... Wade was able to grab the black rock with the tweezers and it popped out of Oscars mouth who was stressing big time by now! Oh boy, was he one happy fish when that rock came out. Needless to say so where we. Sofie had been watching us giving us instructions (typically her) on how to handle the situation and that's when we figured she'd become a vet some day. She's actually looking to talk to an Equestrian vet in the area to get more information, she figured it will be a lot easier trying to hold still an animal that weighs about 1000 lbs compared to one slippery Fan Tail Goldfish called Oscar!


  1. Too funny...would make a great YouTube video!

  2. Great story Chantal!
    When i ever need to rescue my cat out of the crocodiles mouth i call on your fireman!