Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to my Dad

Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks. Sad news is that my dad got diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread to his liver. Good news is that he has stopped smoking after 65 years ... kinda wish he stopped a lot earlier ... or better yet ... that he had never started but ... we can't change the past ... only the future so I just have to accept that fact. He went to the hospital on Friday to have a stint put in so he can start his chemo treatments by next Friday. I hope to God the chemo will kick in and do it's job.

Funny thing is that after I just found out about my dad having lung cancer I got mad at every person smoking! The only place I really see any of them is at the back dock at my work. I felt like walking over to them, shaking them into reality and asking them to stop killing themselves!!!! A lot of them are young people and I just wonder if they just don't ever think about what smoking will do to their bodies. I'm sure they know, and I realize it's hard quitting but if you're one of them ... you can do it! Give it a go!!

Of course this got my mind going a 100 MPH! Why on earth do we have companies making and selling cigarettes to begin with? Insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, etc ... they all talk about how bad smoking is and what it can do to you ... so why on earth can't we just close down the darn places that make them? I know, I know ... I hear you already .... they would have to close down the breweries, wineries and oh yes, pill making companies as well? Those are all substances people abuse as well ... but hey, when you drink a glass of beer or wine ... you're doing it because you're thirsty ... not to get drunk ... what does 1 cigarette actually do to you? See I'm not a smoker, never have ... as a kid I hated having to be around it ... made me cough and my eyes water ... so I have no clue what is it that makes you want to start smoking to begin with.

I'm sad because my parents live in Belgium, Virginia is a long way from them so for now I'm trying to support them by calling them as often as I can and to listen. Today I could tell in their voices that reality has set in and the news has sunk in that this is not just like having the flu, it's something a lot deeper and it will take a lot more then a Tylenol to fix it. I'm just hoping for the best so I can have my dad around for a little while longer.

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  1. I say tax the hell out of the tobacco want to will pay a huge tax on each pack you buy. I have been in your shoes Chantall and I will be thinking good thoughts for your Dad and family.
    Janet xox