Thursday, July 15, 2010

Annabel - white needle felted foal

Finally I finished this needle felted foal! It took forever it seemed ... well to be honest it did take forever. I worked on her 2 market days (from 10 -3) since I usually have a project going so I can demonstrate how needle felting is done. Then I had to work on her some more at home to get the mane and the tail attached which took some time trying to figure out. But, she's finished and I think she turned out pretty good. My horse expert, (my 13 yr old daughter Sofie!) was a tremendous help in making sure I got the proportions right and how the mane and tail was suppose to be positioned. So, thanks go to her for making sure she looks like a foal ... and not a monkey! hehe


  1. He is even more beautiful in person ;) I'll bet he did take forever...but so worth it because he's gorgeous!

    Jamie :)