Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pumpkin Season not too far away!

I figured I better get a head start this year on knitting some pumpkin beanies. So here is one I just finished and listed in my BitsofFiber shop on Artfire.com.

Be on the look out for a couple more felted critters in the next week or so!

Kinda crazy around the house these days ... trying to fix the guest bathroom before my visitors from Belgium show up the middle of August but we keep running into problems which keeps delaying getting things fixed up. We took out the tile and the subfloor but discovered that we might have to remove the sink and the cabinet since it was built on top of the darn tile! Grr, kinda frustrating since we hadn't planned on taking that all apart. My hubby is going to try to saw the tile along the cabinet so we won't have to move it .... not so sure if it will work ... well it might work ... just a bit worried as to how it will look like when he gets done with it! :0)

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