Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Knitted striped toddler pixie hat - Redskins colors

Well I'm definitely not a football fan so it wasn't until my daughter asked why I was knitting a Redskins baby hat? Something looked familiar to me when I picked out those colors of yarn when I was in New York a couple weeks ago and needed to start another project as I forgot to bring one from home! It finally came to me the other day that it was the same colors I had used for the Redskins sign I had made at work a while back. Anyway, even if you're not a fan ... I think the colors go very well together ... it's a burgundy with a gold/deep mustard. So here it is. I just listed it in my BitsOfFiber shop on Etsy so if you're interested go visit my shop. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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