Friday, December 10, 2010

More hats!

These last two are hats my mom who lives in Belgium crocheted using up some of her stash of different yarns. My mom has a wonderful fashion style, I remember that with just about everything she purchased she would take things apart and fixed them up the way she wanted it. She always purchases great quality clothes but always made it her own by either putting in another pleat or a different button. She's in her 70's and still gets compliments on the kind of clothes she wears. Her dad (my grandfather) was a tailor, I remember going to visit them and watch him sewing amazing coats and suits in his sewing room on the 4th floor of their house. I remember the room having a certain smell, the smell of fabrics I would say ... if I close my eyes I can still see him and smell that room! My grandmother was also a great seamstress so my mom ended up doing a lot of sewing for us growing up as well. When I was about 15 yrs old I remember the white shirts with a band color being the latest style which I loved so my grandfather made one for me from a man's shirt. I ended up sewing embroidered ribbons along the front panels and it ended up as one of my favorite shirts ever, worn with my well worn jeans back then (in my hippie days!) which had crocheted patches on my knees and buttocks to cover up the holes! Up until today I still love that look. Anyway, I just listed both of these hats in my etsy shop so go and have a look if you're interested in purchasing one of my mom's one of a kind hats!

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