Friday, December 31, 2010

New for 2011 Critter Onions and a Needle felted mouse with Swiss Cheese

I just listed my Critter Onions in my Etsy shop, perfect little homes for your little critters such as mice, gerbils and hamsters. I can make them bigger or smaller so if you would like one to fit your animal let me know and I'll try to fulfill your request. We have 2 little robo hamsters and they love theirs. We stuffed it with fluffy nesting material and they love to cuddle up in it. They started chewing on it but that's ok since I used all eco and animal friendly materials such as 100% cotton (non-dyed) thread, jute and/or hemp rope. Find them in my shop at

Then meet Rufus, a little needle felted mouse who has his own piece of needle felted Swiss Cheese. He comes in his own little box which has real rose pedals on it so it smells like pretty roses not cheese! If you're interested in purchasing the little guy or you just want to see more pictures of him go to my shop at


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