Friday, January 14, 2011

100% calorie free cupcake!

I totally agree my kid is a much better baker then me but I must say I make great calorie free cupcakes ... give me a pair of knitting needles and some yarn and voila ... a chocolate cupcake, vanilla frosting and a cherry on top! Sorry, it's not eatable but it makes for one cute baby hat that's for sure. Just listed it in my Etsy shop so check it out.

So earlier today I discovered I had knitted 2 left baby booties ... I do get annoyed when things like that happen especially since I was trying to finish them so my husband could take them to the fire station as they are a gift for somebody. Oh well I guess they will have to wait another day. I figure I will now knit 2 right booties so I have one pair for the gift and another pair I can list in my shop. Now I feel much better about knitting 2 left booties earlier today. :0)

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