Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alice Springs Beanie Festival - Emu Hat

A friend of mine commented on one of my profile pictures which is a photo of a hat I made a couple of years ago which I entered into the Alice Springs Beanie Festival ( I think that was the 3rd year I entered the competition and every year I tried to make a silly hat. Well I've always had a hard time making things look funny and/or silly. For some reason my stuff always ends up looking more realistic and elegant I've been told. I guess that's a compliment but believe it or not ... I used to get very frustrated by trying to make a cool, silly and crazy looking hat or beanie. Now the year I entered this one (2008) I had no clue on what to make but it had to be something related to emu's. I did have a big bag of real emu feathers stashed away in my closet and then I found this bag of metallic thread/yarn my mother-in-law had given me and I had no clue what to do with .... until that day! I started crocheting with no real pattern in mind, also didn't bother to match any of the threads, I just used them as they came out of the bag and voila ... this is what I ended up with. As I moved along making this I wasn't sure on how I would be able to attach a bunch of feathers to it so in the end I ended up crocheting a weird kind of thing for the top in which I could push the feathers into and attaching them with glue. I must say I thought it looked pretty silly, now my dear husband and child didn't think it looked crazy enough but that's the best I could do so I entered it just like that. It didn't win anything but it did sell which made me very happy ... at least somebody else out there thought it was pretty (and silly) enough to spend their money on it. I do wonder where it might be and what kind of person purchased my emu hat ...

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  1. Gotta agree with the family...more beautiful then silly (but that's from someone who thinks wearing sock monkey flannel PJ pants to the store is the height of fashion.) One mans silly" is another mans psychosis >)

    I Do think you should make more of these .