Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby hat and booties gift set, another treasury full of love and a dead fish

I'm always multi-tasking ... but sometimes it's better not too! Today was one of those days, you know the days I'm talking about. A million and one things on the to-do list and only 24 hrs in a day to get it done. So while I'm making dinner my kid decided to clean the big fish tank we have. I love looking at the fish but I hate cleaning the tank, always have always will ... heck I rather clean toilets then having to clean that tank. I think it all has to do with access to the darn thing. It's a very tall tank you see which makes it hard to clean. But my kid is taller then me now and can easily reach the bottom so she has taken on the job of cleaning the tank. I end up putting water back in it but that's the easy part. So while she was busily working on cleaning it I was making dinner while all the fish were removed and sitting in a bucket on the counter top, so Azriel and River (our cat and dog) wouldn't get the crazy idea to play with them. Well about 30 min later, dinner had been eaten and the tank was ready to get filled up with more water I stepped back into the kitchen to find one of our fish dead on the floor!!! So, I've given up on fish, my beta I replaced about a month ago, well his replacement decided he didn't like his new tank and died as well. I can't figure this out. We've always had fish and had them for years, for some darn reason we keep ending up with dead fish, which is a bummer because I do like my fish it's cleaning the tank I don't like.

Anyways, enough about dead fish ... I finally got a chance to take some pictures of my latest knitted baby hat and booties. These are really small so they are for a preemie or a newborn. I do love the colors I used in this set.

And a pair of my felted baby shoes made it in a treasury on Etsy entered into the nonteamchallenge 16 by Check out her etsy shop which has all kinds of lovely button yoyo jewelry and gifts. The treasury is all about Valentine's day so check out all the cool items and shops that are listed in this one.

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  1. How sweet of you to metion me and my shop on your blog! Your items are indeed lovely and the treasuries you make are inspiring! Keep up the excellent work!