Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yummy Cupcakes

My daughter loves to bake. I must say she's a better baker then me and we figured out why. I dislike following recipes just like I don't like to follow patterns. Now she always follows the rules (well most of the time!) with everything so when a recipe calls for certain things in certain amounts she measures it to the T. I usually add, subtract or mix things up on my own, now sometimes that works but other times it turns into a disaster especially with cookies and cakes. Hers turn out wonderful just like the ones you see in this picture. She was home from school today ... yes we had another snow day here in Fauquier county, so she had to find something to do. These are banana spice cupcakes (made from scratch) with cream cheese frosting and chocolate branches (which she made from scratch, her own recipe!). I'm so proud of my kid. At 14 she can cook and bake just about anything you ask her too. She shared with me that if for some reason becoming an equestrian vet doesn't turn out she has a back up plan ... opening a Patisserie. I told her I will be her first client!

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  1. Your daughter probably realizes that unlike cooking, baking is a much more precise process. There is just so much 'winging it' that you are allowed to do before you have a flop on your hands.
    Well done young lady!

    a snow day....really??????

    Janet xox