Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yes, it will be summer soon! Hot Pink Summer Baby Dress

Yes! Finally finished this sweet little baby dress and put it in my shop a few minutes ago. I used to sew a lot many years ago. My "bompa" (grandfather) on my mom's side was a tailor, my "bomma" and my mom where all great seamstresses so I guess you can say I got that in my blood. Now I found out after years of making some of my own clothes and then my daughter's that I really didn't like just sewing with fabric. What I finally figured out was that I just don't like to follow specific patterns and I hate having to sew long straight sections. What I do like to do is combine my knitting and crochet work with fabric which this little dress is a good example of. I figured I'd start making some more similar things like this for my Etsy shop with summer around the corner it will be a nice change from all those baby booties, baby shoes and hats. I'm also working on some kids toys but that's another story. Here it is ... my hot pink daisy baby dress!

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