Saturday, March 5, 2011

Needle Felted Embroidered Saint Patricks Day Brooch

I'm a sign shop artist during the day so while I'm painting, cutting boards or drawing my mind goes 100 miles per hour thinking of all the things I want to make when I get home. Only problem with that is I never have enough hours in a day to get to all those projects racing through my head. I thought of jotting those ideas down but if I did that I'd only get more frustrated not being able to get to them all. So, I usually try to think of one, appropriate for the time of the year if it's near a holiday. I've been wanting to make something for St. Patty's day, first I thought of a pincushion but then I thought a brooch would be better, it's smaller and wouldn't take me as long to make. I cut the pieces last night, did the needle felting part before going to bed, put the beads, thread and needles in a sandwich baggie and dropped it in my bag I take to work. So today during my lunch (30 min.) I was able to sew all the beads on it and when I got home I put some stuffing in it and embroidered the edges and voila ... enough daylight left to take some pictures to get it into my shop. While looking through my button box I found a couple other really cool buttons I could use to make another pretty brooch, except I'm going to run out of time ... it's already March 5th, St. Patty's day is only 12 days away ... I guess I better start working on those Easter projects, or maybe I just need to skip a couple of holidays and start thinking about fall projects ... that way I'm ahead of the game and don't need to stress myself out!

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