Friday, March 4, 2011

Nuno needle felted blue water scarf

Finally finished this scarf I started months ago! I actually started making this by needle felting it by hand while at the Farmers Market BUT THEN .... Santa gave me a needle felting machine and ta daaaaaaa, this makes my life in the felting world just a wee bit easier I must say. It still takes a long time doing it by machine versus by hand but the good thing is that it certainly saves me from getting tennis elbow again from doing all the needling by hand which is a lot of repetitive movement. Now if they could only come up with a way to make needle felting 3D sculptures a bit easier on the wrists and/or elbows I'd be a really happy camper. That's also one of the main reasons I constantly switch back and forth between making needle felted sculptures, knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, painting etc. It's all done with my hands but for each one you make different movements which saves me from getting tennis elbow and carpal tunnel.

I just listed this scarf in my PurplePlatypus shop if you're interested in purchasing it.

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