Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching up with all these lovely treasuries!

Goodness, again I want to thank all of these lovely Etsy artists for featuring items from both of my Etsy shops. Got a long list of some really pretty treasuries ... sorry it's taken me a little longer then normal to get these out but as you can read in my previous post I wasn't able too do anything for 2 weeks while I was in Belgium.

Alright here we go ... first one is called "Feeling delicate and blue" by who sells beautiful baskets handmade from both recycled fabrics and beautiful, new designer fabrics. I love the purple one! In this treasury my felted baby shoes AND a set for a newborn which includes baby booties and a hat are featured so not just once but twice I got featured!

Next up is a treasury called "The color of granny squares" by who sells baby blankets, scarves and lots and lots of granny squares to make up your own items. Pretty cool idea so make sure you check it out. In this treasury my granny square baby blanket or lap blanket is featured.

The next treasury is called "Happy Mothers Day ... to me" by who sells classy sassy handmade jewelry and most importantly ... she is going to be a mommy in October! Congratulations Weebit! In this treasury my granny square baby blanket is featured.

Now we're off to my other etsy shop (PurplePlatypus) items that have been featured. First one is called "Gifts She will love starting at $5" by featuring my needle felted ducky. In her shop you will find favor boxes, gift boxes and more.

Next one called "Barnyard Rouge" by featuring my needle felted bird. In their shop you will find your source for Sustainable Art and Wellness products! They use primarily 100% all-natural alpaca fiber and other upcycled and sustainable materials.

Next is the treasury called "Over the rainbow" by featuring my colorful handpainted wooden gift tag. Her shop is made up of items from her personal hope chest, as well as her grandmother's collections. Some of the pieces have never been used. She would love for these items to be appreciated, cared for and enjoyed just as she has. Hopefully you find that "gotta have" treasure, or just enjoy looking around!

There are more treasuries but those will have to wait until tomorrow so make sure you come back and have a peek for the rest of these lovely treasuries. I'm sure you will find lots of things you just can't live without looking through all these fun shops ... and hopefully my shops as well! ;0)

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