Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Treasuries

Finally got a chance to sit down and finish posting the treasuries I was featured in during April so let's just jump right on in and list them.

This first one is called "Felt" and in it is my needle felted foal together with lots of other gorgeous felted items. The curator of this treasury makes and sells Needle Felted animals and teddies made from different wools and silk. She often wash, card and dye raw wool to produce colours and textures that are perfect for these Felted Friends.

This next treasury called "I'll love you forever" which featured again my needle felted foal by curator who's an Etsy buyer and doesn't have a shop.

Next treasury called "For the love of Momma" featuring my needle felted mom and baby hedgehogs by Curator who makes and sells quilts, baby blankets, bibs, cloth diapers, wet-bags, dresses, and reusable snack bags in her Etsy shop.

Next treasury called "She sells seashells by the Season" featuring my needle felted harp baby seal by Curator who makes and sells hand stitched art, unique items and chic modern crafts.

This treasury called "H is for hedgehog" features .... what do you think? ... haha of course ... my needle felted hedgehog family! The curator makes and sells beautiful photographs, hand etched glass and other handmade items so make sure you check out her shop.

That's it for the month of April. Already have my list going for treasuries posted this month of May but I will feature those in a different post. Thanks to every Etsy curator for featuring items from my shop. I don't have the time these days to make treasuries and include all of you in a treasury so I hope doing this will still help you out with new visitors and customers to your lovely shops!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my treasury :)
    It means alot.