Saturday, June 4, 2011

The smartest, cutest treasuries ever!

Wow, that's all I could say when I found myself being part of all these terrific treasuries.

The first one is called "Wonders of Nature" by AuntieKaren an Etsian who I consider to be an artist just by putting together these amazing treasuries. The "Wonders of Nature" treasury is made up of animals, part of real animal photo's and the other part of animals made with all different kinds of mediums so go and have a closer look and figure out for yourself which one is which. Which one is the real thing and which one is the art creature. So much fun and truly shows what an amazing talent there is amongst all these Etsy folks. I almost felt bad describing it this way since I'm honored to say my needle felted baby harp seal is part of this which means a lot to me. So, see for yourself and compare these amazing photo's showing you the real animal and the amazing photo's showing you the animal made with different types of mediums. Have fun!

Next treasury is called "Follow your heart" by featuring my needle felted pincushion. In the Curator's shop you will find beautiful items made of textiles - made of knitting, spinning and sewing. I love the lace necklaces in her shop.

Next treasury is called "Picnic Love" by featuring my needle felted mouse with her piece of cheese. This treasury is so cute, love the idea of how it was put together. It is part of the nonteamchallenge 34 in which the heart locket was the inspiration item. In the Curator's shop you will find photography inspired by nature: bold florals, fiery foliage, woodland wonders, intense colors, graphic montages. Available in prints and canvas gallery wraps–perfect wall art for any decor. Also a beautiful selection of note cards.

Next treasury is called "Grow old with me" by featuring my needle felted duckie! This is also part of the nonteamchallenge 34 treasuries. In the Curator's shop you will find photographic art prints of natural items and scenes as well as digital scrappacks. My favorites are the purple and pink floral photo's, truly amazing!

Last but definitely NOT least another amazing treasury named "Things are looking bright for baby" put together by AuntieKaren! This almost makes me want to have another baby (well not really, I'll just enjoy making the baby dresses so AuntieKaren has something to put in these treasuries! hehe) Not only the colors are amazing in this treasury but every item would be on my wish list if I was going to have a baby. Just beautiful to look at.

I hope you enjoy visiting all these shops in these beautiful treasuries as well as the Curator shops. The Curator's are the folks that put these items together (including myself!). Most of the Curator's have their own shops with wonderful things they made and sell. Some of the Curator's don't have a shop but are part of the Etsy world. Feel free to join us even if you don't have anything to sell or don't want to purchase you can still be part of Etsy.

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  1. Thanks for posting all these wonderful treasuries, especially mine (ha!). Your shop has so many fun items that are wonderful, warm, and cheerful.