Monday, June 20, 2011

Will miss my dad and I will never kill another fly

Four days after my arrival in Belgium I lost my dad who had lung cancer. I will miss him dearly. Dad was always there for me with suggestions and or advise. He loved working in his garden and spend hours working on his stamp collections. If he was going on a trip he would re-draw the street maps! I'm pretty sure he has his map on how to get to heaven! He was a walking GPS. In Belgium they celebrate Fathers day one week earlier compared to the US so I'm happy to say I was able to wish him a happy fathers day when he was alive on the Belgian holiday. Dad and I had some interesting talks about dying these last couple of days. He wondered if he could order a bed but I told him he would have to make do with some really fluffy clouds! We discussed the food, not sure about the menu in Heaven but I reminded him he will get to eat rice pudding with a golden spoon ... He liked that. I told him I want to come back as a cat or a dog he thought about that for a minute then told me he was going to come back as a fly! I asked him what kind and why. His comment was a smaller size one, a very fast flying one that people can't get easily. He never really answered the question why. Needless to say our family is now afraid to kill any pesky fly! Like my brother said "Opa heeft ons weer goed liggen met die vlieg!". I figured I'd share this with you all in case you catch me having a serious conversation with a fly. And before you swat away ask and make sure his name isn't "Staf", the Ceulemans family will thank you for your kindness. I miss you dad.


  1. Chantal,
    So sorry for your loss, but so happy that you were there in Belgium with him. I know from experience that it was a good thing for him and you.

    Closure is good even though the loss is not.

    As I type this, a small fly is buzzing around my head.....I think I will just leave him alone

    Janet xox

  2. Dear Chantal,

    Your Dad sounds like he was such a very special and unique creature. I am sure his spirit will live on -- I hope he gets his wish to be a fly, oh what freedom and adventure that could lead to!

    Sending many, many, wishes from the heart to your family.

    (AuntieKaren on etsy)

  3. ach Chantal wat spijt me dat voor jou.
    Hoe we onze vaders missen, steun en toeverlaat.
    Ik beloof je.... ook ik zal nooit meer een vlieg doodslaan.