Friday, July 15, 2011

Back on track ... making and sharing treasuries!

It's been awhile since I've posted treasuries but as of today I'm back with more lovely treasuries. Some made by me, others made by some very talented Etsy people who not only make treasuries but also run shops just like me and many others. Make sure you not only check out the items listed in the treasuries but also the shops of the Curator (the person who made the treasury). So here we go ...

This first treasury named "An Owl Just arrived with A Letter - Year 1" is based on the Harry Potter theme! My little needle felted owl is featured in it along with lots of other Harry Potter related items by the Curator who sells beautiful jewelry and accessories all things wondrous, magickal, fantastical and imaginatif so make sure you check out her shop.

Next is a treasury called "Fruitful BOunty" featuring my knitted eggplant baby hat. The curator of this treasury doesn't have anything for sale but she puts together some beautiful, colorful treasuries just like this one.

This last one is a treasury I put together a couple of days ago. I was drawn by the beautiful colors of blue that day with a hint of some brighter bits through out.

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