Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's go shopping! And oh no ... the kittens are missing!!!

Who wants to go out in this heat and melt!!!??? Not me!!!! So, get comfy in your (hopefully) cool (meaning air temp and of course the other kind of cool is ok as well! ha) place and check out all these items I listed in more treasuries. Here they are:

This first one I named "Chique Munchkins" just because all the pretty items I picked really reminded me of my mom. She loves to use the word "chique" and what she means by that in Flemish is a bit above the levels gorgeous/beautiful.

Next up is "Dreams and wishes". When I made this treasury I was sitting here in front of my computer wishing for certain things to happen in the near future and voila ... a new treasury was born!

Last one for today is "Green with ivy" which is kinda funny because I really didn't mean to use that title to begin with. A lot of times I just make the treasury first and then name it once it's all put together. At first I was going to name it "Green with envy" but then I noticed the ivy picture and changed it.

Well I'm a bit sad ... I got a message earlier today letting me know that the mama cat who had her litter of 4 kittens in my mom's garage, has moved them out of the house. I haven't talked to my mom yet this message came from my brother so I will have to give mom a call first thing in the morning since it's in the middle of the night now in Belgium I don't want to wake her up! I know mama cats, especially first time mothers will move their litter around and she isn't a house cat to begin with I'm surprised she hasn't tried moving them earlier. I just hope the kittens are all safe and she will bring them back to stay with my mom who will be more then happy to have them back. Silly cat!!!

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