Friday, August 5, 2011

Nonteamchallenge 43 treasury

So here is my entry for this week's treasury challenge on Etsy, it's the nonteamchallenge 43. I had this bright idea (I thought, ha!) to make one based on a wedding but I had a heck of a time getting the pictures I had in my head to match up with items I needed to find to make it work. I started it this morning, worked on it for about 40 min. Then went to work and just finished it after working on it for another hour. I usually make a treasury in less then 1 hour. If I can't get it to look right in that amount of time I usually give up and try again another day but today I really wanted this one to work. It's still not 100% to the way I had it in my head but it will have to do. The inspiration item for this challenge are these beautiful earrings she was the person who won last week's nonteamchallenge 42. Enjoy visiting all the shops included in this treasury. Thanks for visiting with me.

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