Monday, September 5, 2011

The kittens are back and more treasuries

So, the mother cat who moved her 4 kittens from my mom's house a couple of weeks ago decided it was time to bring them all back!!  This happened about a week ago and my mom just wasn't sure on how to deal with the entire kitten kaboodle.  They are strays although the mother has basically moved in with my mom who feeds her, gives her birth control and makes her wear a flea collar.  Since the kittens were gone for about 4 weeks they are not totally happy with having a human in their life except they figured out that if they don't flip out, have a hissyfit about this human they get fed yummy food!  Yeahhh, so far it's worked except for 1 of them is still not too excited about being touched, my mom calls that one the bully.   Anyway, she has taken pictures but I still haven't received them since my mom doesn't know how to get them from her camera, into the pc and send on over to me.  But that's ok, she does know how to print them so I'm anxiously awaiting to get some photos of these little rascals so I can share them with you all!  She will need to find homes for them or they will be going to the RSPCA.  My mom lives in Aarschot, Belgium so if any of you are near there and you want a kitten please contact me so we can figure out how to get it to you.

Now let's talk treasuries! 

This first one is called "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" featuring my nuno felted scarf with crocheted mohair edge   The curator of this treasury has a shop  and sells 1930s-1980s vintage home decor, fashion, kitchenware, useful goods, ephemera and whimsy for gals and guys. 


Next one is called "My old Kentucky Home" featuring my needle felted mouse and her piece of cheese .  The curator of this treasury's shop  and sells handmade button bracelets, crocheted hair accessories and beaded bracelets great for back-to-schooland any other day of the year!  I love this treasury, makes me want to move into the Old Kentucky Home! 

Next one is called "Turquoise and Greens" featuring my organza earrings  .  The curator of this treasury Missie has a shop  were she sells beautiful handmade jewelry.  I love the colors she put together in this treasury, so pretty. 

Next one is called "Time to cover up" featuring my needle felted baby shoes  The curator of this treasury   sells handmade bags with polymer clay embellishments, polymer clay jewelry and other fun clay items such as lotion dispensers, salt and peppers and napkin rings.

Next one is called "Little cottage in the woods" featuring my knitted baby bear hat .  The curator of this treasury   sells  beautiful drawings, paintings and custom artwork.     

This last one I made and I almost forgot about sharing it with you all!  Enjoy visiting all the new shops listed in these treasuries.  Start your Christmas shopping early!  If you see something you like don't wait to purchase it, sales are starting to pick up now that the weather is starting to change and you wouldn't want the item you so adore be going to somebody else!!!  Thanks for looking and please feel free to share the site and all the treasuries. 

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