Monday, September 12, 2011

September Treasuries

I'll jump right into the list I have to share with you today:

This treasury is called "Little Cottage in the Woods" featuring my brown knitted bear hat . In the Curator shop of this treasury you will find beautiful drawings, paintings and other custom artwork.

Next is a treasury called "The woods are lovely dark and deep" featuring my crocheted and felted slippers with acorns . Here is the link to the Curator shop and her shop announcement: "I am a fine art photographer who specializes in alternative process photography, such as polaroid transfers. I like the painterly quality of the polaroid transfers and the variation of each print. My equipment tends to be low tech: an older model Vivitar slide printer, polaroid 669 film and a film based Canon."

Next is a treasury called "Le Black Bear" featuring my needle felted bunny The Curator of this treasury sells charming embroidery and fun stuff for sewing or just fun stuff! For cute stuffed animals checkout her other shop

Next is a treasury called "Toadstool Love" featuring ... you guessed it! my needle felted pincushion with toadstools! In the Curator shop you will find andmade clothing, bags and trinkets for wanderers, fairies and forest folk.

Last but definitely not least! a treasury called "Cute, Little, MICE?!?!" featuring, my needle felted Christmas mouse In the Curator shop you will find amazing candles that look like bakery items! This is the shop announcement: "Here in my bakery shop, candles are hand sculptured paying great attention to detail, allowing you to custom order your own special treat. I use a Very High Grade soy wax so that I may provide you with the longest burn time and best scent throw possible on the market. You will LOVE the Creamy Smooth appearance that this wax has! My decorative breads are made from my own unique recipe that gives each bread the realistic look without it ever going bad! All bath and body products are made from all natural ingredients, and handcrafted items are created with lots of love where no two items are identical."

That's all I have for today folks. Thanks for looking and please feel free to share all the links!

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  1. Loved looking at all those treasuries. Thanks for posting mine.