Saturday, October 22, 2011

City Mouse, Country Mouse and a sweet romance

Two treasuries I would like to share with you.

This first one named "City Mouse, Country Mouse" featuring my Critter Onion which could hold any little real critter or make a perfect little house for a young child to play with. The Curator's shop announcement says " I have been a fiber artist for 15 years. I create fiber art to experience color and share this experience with others. I enjoy creating energy from placing colors side by side.
My art relies primary on nature for its imagery. I hand-dye many of my own fabrics using paints that react with the sun. I also hand-carve rubber stamps and imprint shapes from nature onto my fabrics. Gingko and maple leaves, spirals, birds, snakes and abstract female figures are my favorites. I often further embellish my work with beads. You can find out more about me and my art on my website:, and on my blog:" What a clever treasury she put together!

Next is a treasury I made this evening. As I'm sitting here with cold hands working on my computer because our heater isn't working! They are suppose to instal a new part on Monday. Thank God we have a second heater in the upstairs of our house so I can go sit upstairs and get warmed up, brrrrr. Hope this treasury doesn't leave you cold!


  1. Thanks for posting my treasury! I sure wish I could have a little critter and a little critter house.

    Actually, I could probably put one in my attic and it would make those darn squirrels very happy.

    Love your sweet romance treasury -- beautiful.

  2. These are both great treasuries! Thanks for including me in the second one!