Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby stuff and more!

This first treasury is named "The wonder of you ... :)" featuring my daisy baby dress . The Curator sells cute clothes for cute kids!

Next one is called "Homespun Christmas Guide" featuring my needle felted bunny and baby mouse hat . The Curator sells clothes, accessories and supplies which are a mix of new, upcycled & recycled materials, making them Eco friendly whenever possible.

Next one is called "Armchair shopper" featuring my knitted baby CHristmas hat . The Curator sells hand knitted scarves, bowties and clay buttons and pendants.

Next one is called "Color Farbe Barva Couleurs Dath Lit Lliw Farg Kolor Farge Colore" featuring my White and red Knitted baby Christmas hat . The Curator sells lavender wands, nature mobiles and meditation stones.

Last but definitely not least, this is a gorgeous treasury, called "Hints of the Holidays" featuring my baby Christmas hat again . The Curator sells adorable baby, children items.

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