Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Classy felines!

You know my dad passed away only a couple of months ago and while we were keeping my mom company during that time a cat had started to show up at her house. To make a long story short ... the cat ended up having a litter of kittens, four of them so my mom has now become a cat lady. We all know how silly kittens can be when they start playing around, chasing everything that moves, tackling their little brothers and sisters including mom, etc. Well they certainly have brought happiness into my mom's live. God took my dad and gave this cat family a chance by making my mom's life without my dad a little bit of sunshine. I love to hear her talk about all the silly things her little cat family has been up to. They keep her busy, feeding, cleaning their beds, etc. but most of all they make her smile again. So, in honor of the entire kitten caboodle I made this treasury. You see my mom is a very classy lady and everything in this treasury certainly made me think of her. Enjoy!

p.s. I'm including a photo of our cat, Azriel who we adopted while living in Australia. She traveled with us back to the US. Funny thing is that she's always been an indoor kitty so it makes me wonder ... does she have a clue that she's been living in a different country?

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  1. what a lovely and heartwarming experience to share... pets do bring loads of joy and unconditional love.
    we have two felines adopted from shelters as well.
    this wonderful cat is a godsend to your mother... hugs + XO JR