Monday, November 21, 2011

Just in case ...

Ahhhhh, so many things to pick from! Have fun shopping there are lots of things and shops to visit and pick from in these treasuries.

p.s. I've been looking for the perfect box or basket to go with my little hedgehog family. Once I find it I will have to take photos and get the little critters up for sale in my PurplePlatypus shop. In the meantime if anybody is interested in purchasing them before I put them in my shop E-mail me and let me know. Thanks!

Off to treasury-land!

First one is called "Ready for winter" featuring my crocheted baby booties . The Curator sells adorable appliqued baby items.

In this next one "Wish List" my knitted red beanie is featured . The Curator sells beautiful, unique jewelry, bookmarks, ornaments and more.

Next is "Purple Flower" featuring my child beanie . The Curator sells beautiful, unique jewelry, bookmarks, ornaments and more.

Next one "Christmas Colors" featuring my knitted newborn Christmas Hat . The Curator sells cool and nifty vintage items.

Next is "Perfect Little Homespun Gifts" featuring my felt baby shoes with birdies on them . The Curator sells beautiful handmade affordable and quality pottery.

Next is "Handmade with Love" featuring my needle felted mouse with needle felted cheese and my felt and mixed media art frame . The Curator sells beautiful original paper cuts, silhouettes, cutouts, scherenschnitte, black and white art, handmade paper.

Next is "A nod to my new friends" featuring my knitted baby Christmas hat The Curator sells products to raise funds for continued therapies for Abby. Abby suffers from Autism, Expressive/Receptive Language Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Here is more on Abby's story written by her mom Bonnie: "We are a displaced family that lives with a neighbor. We have no home or vehicle of our own. Abby’s care for her autism, speech and OCD are not covered under her insurance policy. Medicaid has denied her as well stating I should obtain services for her conditions through the public school system. Since her diagnosis at the age of 2 1/2 years until now at the age of 12, her cost of care has been my sole responsibility. I do not have any credit cards so I cannot charge her care. Lately, we have been selling Abby’s original artwork on Etsy (AidforAbby). I cannot work outside of the home due to a disability for which I receive a small amount of money each month. It's not easy, I will tell you that. I have the same hopes, dreams and plans for her as I do my other children. I’m hoping to raise funds first and foremost for Abby’s continued medical treatments. The material possessions such as a home, car, etc. can be replaced as they are tangible items. The opportunity for Abby to become as independent as possible in life...priceless!"

Next is "Sunday Blues" featuring my crocheted baby hat The Curator sells appliqued baby items.

Next is "And boys will be boys" featuring my needle felted mouse with needle felted piece of cheese and my Christmas baby hat . The Curator is a wonderfully unique place to find Vintage Home Decor, Kitchenware, Jewerly, Clothing & Other unique treasures.

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