Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let's keep on shopping, shopping, shopping ....

Sorry folks been busy wrapping and mailing things from my shops! Thanks so much to all my customers who've been purchasing from me this holiday season. I was starting to really get worried about not having many sales and started to think about finding something else to do with my free time ... but now that I got some sales happening I feel much better about keeping my Etsy shops up and running.

Talking about shopping ... got lots more treasuries to share with you that include all kinds of cool shops with lots of things to pick from, you still have some time to find that perfect gift for that special someone. So, here we go ...

This first treasury "Stocking Stuffers" featuring my needle felted gnome . The Curator sells beautiful knitted items.

This treasury "Christmas Treasures in Red" featuring my felted little pouch The Curator sells Handmade Treasures, Vintage Kitchenware,Vintage Fashion, Yarn, Ephemera, Quilts, Fabric, Supplies and More

Next treasury "For the kids" featuring my needle felted hedgehog family The Curator sells beautiful hand made stoneware.

Next one "Grey Homespunsociety" featuring my felted scarf with brooch . The Curator sells beautiful papercut silhouettes.

Next one "Don't forget man's (and woman's) best friends featuring my Critter Onion which has been sold in the meantime (Thank you!). The Curator sells items for the home that might use traditional craft skills but that are contemporary and that use colour and texture to complement a modern home.

Next one "Browns and greens with a touch of gold" featuring Hedwig, a needle felted owl who will be leaving our home tomorrow flying home to his new owner! (Thank you!) The Curator sells amazing mozaic pieces.

Next is "Red and Green Homespunsociety" featuring my needle felted gnome . The Curator sells beautiful papercut silhouettes.

Next is "Dazzling Gift for the whole family" featuring my felted bracelet . The Curator sells gorgeous alphabet floral letters.

Next is "Felted Christmas" featuring my needle felted gnome The Curator sells beautiful fascinators, head pieces, hats, etc.

Next is "Grey day" featuring my Ipad cover . The Curator sells beautiful handspun yarn and hand knit items.

Next is "Christmas Bubbles" featuring my fairytale pincushion . The Curator sells Hand made Designer Crochet Fashion Jewelry, Accessories, gold silver earrings bracelet cuff necklaces pendants,wedding, bridal pearl, cottage vintage style accessories.

Next is "Fits To or Under your christmas tree" featuring my Christmas gnome . The Curator sells beautiful papercut silhouettes.

Next one "Yes we can! #2 featuring my felted earrings . The Curator sells hand made gifts, wood art and home decor.

Next one "Gifts for over $50" featuring my nuno felted scarf . The Curator sells artifacts.

Next is "Music to my ears" featuring needle felted bird pincushion . The Curator sells handmade cushion covers and ceramics.

Next is "Winter trends, December decorations" featuring my needle felted gnome again ! The Curator sells knitted and crocheted accessories.

Next one "searching something exclusive" featuring my felted bracelet with glass bead . The Curator sells handmade casual and wedding accessories.

Next is "Gre(y) at Homespun featuring my needle felted mouse and needle felted cheese . The Curator sells beautiful papercut sihousettes.

Next one "Something to treasure" featuring my mohair crocheted scarf . The Curator sells gorgeous soldered glass charms etc.

Last one for today "Let it snow!" featuring my needle felted bird pincushion . The Curator sells loveable crafts and vintage finds.

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